Ask for Our Revelations from God Himself

“It has been said often that revelation is of God, but remember now that God is not “other than” and that the God who seemed so distant from you when you abided in separation can now be heard and seen and felt in your experiences of unity.

“Your openness will not only leave the way open for revelation but for cooperation. Cooperation comes from the All of All being in harmony and relationship. When this harmony and relationship isn’t realized or accepted is when you believe you have need of planning rather than receiving, when you believe you have cause for stress and effort rather than for just being open to what comes.” (ACOL, D:14.7 – 14.8)

This quotation seems to support a reading of God to which I ascribe: that the Godhead has a Mind that listens. This idea is somewhat at odds with the way in which we see God described in A Course in Miracles, and also at odds with the way we see God described in earlier portions of A Course of Love. ACIM says that we depend on the Holy Spirit, who is an intermediary between the illusion and reality, and that God doesn’t know of the illusion. ACOL, in the Dialogues (here quoted), seems to say that when we are no longer fearful of God and therefore needing an intermediary, we can reach right up (or down) to God Himself. And we know, from both ACIM and ACOL, that it is God who bestows revelation. Here we are reading that when we are in unity, we can reach God Himself, although this is my interpretation, and might be challenged by some other astute readers of ACIM and ACOL.

We see, in the second paragraph, that the way is now open to cooperation from the All of All (and this means God). We learned in Sunday school when growing up that Jesus needs our hands and feet to do his bidding in this world. We probably have little difficulty in believing this of Jesus now, in our adulthood, as readers of ACIM and ACOL. But now, in this significant paragraph, Jesus is saying that God Himself needs our cooperation. He has plans for us as well, and we ourselves don’t need to strain to make those plans ourselves.

It is not such a stretch to believe that God has desires for His children, desires that would encompass the many positive things that we might say and do in this world. In our prayers, maybe we ought to try to find out what exactly God would like to see us say and do.


Guide me to say and do the congenial thing. If it doesn’t harm anyone else or myself. I so much want to get along with all I encounter, but sometimes all of us have “moods.” I would not catch any bad mood today, or any day for that matter. Be with me to allow me to feel Your sense of solace and comfort when times are good and when times are bad.

Help me to do Your bidding. I do think that You have things in mind for all of us, and while you never coerce, you do prompt, sometimes. You may not care what games we play, but I personally think that You do care, and care very much. Help all of our childish games to be positive rather than negative.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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