Let Go and Let God

“What is real in the state of unity is what is real, yet you have known this reality not, even
though it is the more subtle memory of this state that is behind your striving to become. Now you are beginning to see the vastness of what is meant by creation of the new. What is meant by creation of the new is creation of a new reality.” (ACOL, D:14.14)

We have, most of us, been striving to “become” all of our lives. The major problem has been for us that previously that striving to become was egoic in nature. Now we are being told how to become through our access to unity, the white space beyond the dot of the body, yet mystically one with the elevated Self of form and the Self of union. Unity IS, of course, the Self whom we share with all living beings. The Self is our part of God, the All, the One.

This theology sounds difficult, and it is important for me to note that theology can be a delaying tactic when we are reluctant to let go and let God. As A Course in Miracles points out, a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible, but necessary. In the context of today’s quotation, we are seeking a unity with the All that is non-egoic. We are seeking to come home to God, and right away. Surely we realize that this is God’s will for all of us. And we have also been told, by Jesus, that anything and everything in our world has been shaped to bring us back to God. Our experiences will do that, but without our cooperation, the return can take a very long time. May we offer our consent today to be led home, by the hand, with Jesus as our guide and protector.

“Creation of the new” means a new reality. This, I think, doesn’t apply just to the reality in our world, but a new, experienced reality in our heart and mind. We will soon find, if we haven’t already, that living close to this new creation is a most delicious way to live. It offers a promise of happiness that will be fulfilled. It offers excitement, but a safe excitement that doesn’t send us crashing through the ceiling toward God. The way back, according to both ACIM and A Course of Love, is gentle, and as we keep pace with the heartbeat of reality, we will find an Awakening in glimpses, and then maintained, and then sustained, that warms us with its very gentleness.


Help me not to barrel ahead today. Give me easy and measured steps back to You. I love to live in Your presence. I love to feel, rightly, Jesus’s promise that he will be with us when we call. Though maybe nobody in this world knows how Jesus can keep his promise, I trust that what he says is true. I am a fundamentalist when it comes to his promises.

Thank You for a sunny day in my small city. Though I can enjoy rainy days as well, the sun seems to speak of love to me. And love is what I want and need more than anything else. God knows that all of us were meant for love, and nothing but will satisfy us for long.



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