Happiest Way to Live

“Life and the movement of being into form is what occurred when God “spoke” and the Word came into being. Movement is energy, the life force of creation and of being, both in unity and in time. By being you are in move¬ment. By being you are an expression of being.

“The second principle of creation, then, is that being is. It is what is and it is the expression of what is.

“Life is movement through the force of expression. The third principle of creation is thus expression.

“These are not, however, separate principles, but a single unifying prin¬ciple of wholeness: Movement, being, expression. One did not occur before the other, as they are not separate. There was movement into being and an expression of being.” (ACOL, D:15.3 – 15.6)

Without movement, caused by the presence of energy, there can be no life. Life leads to being, and then life leads to expression . A miracle, we learn from the new Circle of Atonement edition of A Course in Miracles, is the expression of love. And that is why we are here: to express love.

Jesus gets very precise in this passage for today. It is not necessary to comprehend fully what he is saying in all its ramifications; we probably couldn’t if we tried. But the seed has been planted, and as we move into Christ-consciousness, our intuition will inform us of everything we need to know. The way that guidance works is truly miraculous. We are happiest when we are in flow, responding to hints of the next move, the next thought, the next miracle.

It is very good to experience flow in our expression of life, our being actually reaching out to others and connecting with them. The miracles abound then, building from one to the other, offering us the consolation that we offer to our brothers and sisters.

This is the happiest way to live. We live productively, but we pace to ensure the longevity of our actions. We don’t adopt a hare-like pace, as seen in the old fable of the hare and the tortoise. We learn to take it easy, to relax, and to fulfill our mission in life in a measured fashion. Then we are truly living.


Thank You for this good, busy day. I wonder what I might do to improve on it, and actually I can’t think of a thing. Such is Your grace. Such is Your mercy.

Be with me as the day continues to unfold. Help me to make the right decisions. I ask that You show me the next step. Now and always. Today and every day.


2 Replies to “Happiest Way to Live”

  1. I’m trying to comprehend what is being said here. I’m new to information about the Course in Miracles. I’m struck by what you say regarding the idea of the principles which are unifying but not separate. I think it is very important to try to understand what is being said. I think God gave us our reasoning capacity to use it as fully as possible and that means not getting caught up in a sea of emotion and losing sight of whether something is logical. It seems that what is being maintained–and please correct me if I am misinterpreting what you mean–is that all that exists is simply God, that there is God in his being and God as expressed in the world. I’m reminded of Spinoza’s idea that the universe is all one substance–God–and that God could be considered from the aspect of mind and the aspect of the physical realm. Or there is the idea of the Brahman, God, in Hinduism: Brahman can be considered without characteristics–pure Being as it were–and with characteristics as exhibited in the natural world. However, Christianity does not hold that all of reality is simply God. Christianity holds that God is Other–transcendent–though,of course, at the same time immanent, pervading everything–including us– through and through. Christian philosophers, such as Augustine and Aquinas among others, have taught that happiness comes about when we align our will with that of God, with God who is Other. For Christianity, we are not God and unhappiness eventually results if we think we are God. Thank you for your time. Peace and blessings. Marianne

    1. Thanks so much. A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love differ from traditional Christianity’s theology that the universe is God’s handiwork, and that God stands apart from His creation. Both of the works that I focus upon believe that the All which exists is “God-stuff.” God is One, God is All, God differentiates Himself into His blessed creation.

      Thank you again for studying so carefully.

      Love, Celia

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