In a Timeless Dimension We Will Reap Many Benefits

“Expression, movement, and being are about what is eternal passing through what is temporal. Thus I return you to the lesson on “pass through” which was contained within this Course. The Course sought to teach you to develop a relationship with all that passes through you. Now is the time when the fruit of those efforts will be reaped. For what passes through you now is a relationship without end. What passes through you now is the eternal come to replace the temporal.” (ACOL, D:15.12)

The lesson on “pass through” is Chapter 22 of the first book in A Course of Love, entitled simply “The Intersection.” In this Chapter 22, Jesus talks about the pass through of a onion by a needle, passing through the layers of the onion. This type of intersection doesn’t have any relevance to real life, as Jesus points out, but it IS relevant to the idea that we are meant to be in relationship with all that passes through us. We absorb what passes through us.

Now this idea of “pass through” will bear fruit. We are in the third book of A Course of Love, entitled, the “Dialogues,” and we have made much progress in our journey. We are now dealing with the eternal, with what is of eternity, rather than the temporal, what is of time. Time is not a concept that has any meaning in unity, the unity of mind and heart, the unity of the Christ-Self and the Self of union. When outside the dot of the body, we are in a timeless dimension, and in this timeless dimension we will reap many benefits. Much will change in our experience.

What is this “much”? We don’t find ourselves any longer in a struggle with what life brings to us. We remain in flow, accepting experiences that come our way without resistance. We are in a happier place, for it is indeed good to know that eternity can be experienced on this plane of our world as well as in another world beyond death (the “Other Side”). We don’t struggle to change ourselves even. We accept ourselves as we are, being who we truly are, not a persona that is actually an idol. If there is some aspect of our personalities that we don’t like, we simply ask for a change, and we will get a miracle that changes that aspect. We ask that the aspect be gone, and it is gone. Just that simple.

Could we have enjoyed this freedom of a new life previously? Not likely. We have listened well to Jesus’s words, and he has answered us. It is up to us to accept his words as truth, knowing that the new world he wants us to create is dependent upon falling in line with his objectives.

Trust Jesus. He means us well, as always. He is taking a personal interest in everyone who wishes to have him stay nearby. How he does this is beyond our understanding. But his promise to do so is sure.


Thank You for guiding me. I ask for a diminution of mistakes in recognizing guidance from Jesus. I take nothing for granted. I know that Your grace allows Jesus to guide, and to guide truly. May I walk a sure pathway today.

Be with me as I seek to listen to a prompting from within. Be with me as I seek to live in Your Kingdom, the House of Truth. May I say or do nothing that would ever break our bond.


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