The Way Will Smooth when We Are at Ease with God

“Barren forms might be seen as forms that existed before the onset of the state of becoming. You are now in the final stage of the state of becoming. You now know who you are, and so now you can begin the work, or the relationship of this final stage: The stage of becoming who you are. This is the stage in which movement, being, and expression come together into the recreation of wholeness that will be expressed in the elevated Self of form.” (ACOL, D:16.1)

We are progressing now, finally. We are still “becoming,” and this will continue throughout much of the upcoming Forty Days and Forty Nights on the metaphorical mountaintop with Jesus. But we have come to understand much. If this “much” seems “too much,” then just rest awhile in Jesus’s arms. He will enfold us. Our imaginations can reap wonders.

We do know that we are children of God, that is who we are. And we aren’t pretending any longer, lost in a dream of egotism and egoism. We accept who we are without trying to be something that we aren’t, a persona of goodness that is actually idolatrous. If there is something about ourselves we don’t like, it can be gone just by asking God. He moves swiftly to help us when we know what we want.

The elevated Self of form is where we are headed. This means that we occupy a body, which even though illusory, is nevertheless real to us in this world. Some of us who read A Course of Love think that the risen body is actually real, and there is room for many different interpretations. Don’t get lost in theology; it would be such a waste and is so unnecessary. We don’t have—ever—to agree in theological niceties; we have the substance of God’s love, and that ought to be enough for us.

May we be at peace today, certain that we can live out our lives in the elevated Self of form. We need not fret nor worry; this much is promised us. Be patient towards all that is unsolved in our heart. This from Rilke, whose words show a dedication to truth from God. May we dedicate our truth to God as well. May we turn over a new leaf, if that is what is required.

The way will smooth when we are at ease with God. Such a blessing to know that our fear of God was totally unfounded! As we are “becoming” during this period of time, help us to be patient, not to run ahead, taking side pathways away from God. May we find our way back to Him, running the race with patience.


I ask for Your help today. I have been racing ahead too rapidly, like the hare in the old fable. I would have a measured pace today, today and especially in the next few days. I slow down to Your pace, and it is a good pace. Be with me as I slow to Your pace.

Thank you for guiding me so carefully, aware of my every unique personality feature. You plan my route back to You by taking into consideration all that is past and all that is to come. I trust Your judgment, not my own. I listen to You.


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