Love as the Wind at Our Back

“Love is the spirit of the wind that animates all form. Love is spirit, is God, is creation. Love is a description of the All of All because it is whole and rests in eternal completion and wholeness. Love is the state of unity, the only relationship through which the Self and God become known to you. Love, God, Creation, are all that remained in union, in eternal completion, when form came into being.” (ACOL, D:16.7)

What a full definition of Love! Reread the quotation for maximal enjoyment and understanding. When we are Love itself, we move like the wind, never knowing in advance where we will go or what we will do. Moving like the wind is an echo of words in another work channeled by Jesus, The Way of Mastery. Moving like the wind, like Love, is to be in the flow at all times. When we are kept in an attitude of readiness, we will receive guidance on an ongoing basis, and this guidance will be Love personified. We will be in sync with God.

Of course, we can misjudge. We don’t need to think too highly of ourselves, lest we slip and stumble against a rock. We are finite creations of God, his children, but still limited—and limitless only to the extent that we are open to following the whispers that come from our Self, the inner Christ-Self merged with the Self of union (that which is just beyond us, but mystically joined with us). We need to realize that if we slip backward into egoic thinking, all of our progress will be lost, and we will misjudge routinely. The ego never told the truth about anything and anyone. A nothing it was, but a very potent nothing that, at this point in reading A Course of Love, we have left behind. Pray that none of us entertain the nonsense of the ego, and thereby set about forming a new ego. This would set back the banner of Christ by quite a lot. Each one of us is needed to change and/or create a new world. Jesus’s fervent wish that we remain true to his guidance in ACOL.

It is sometimes hard to imagine that God is Love, because we are accustomed to seeing love as an emotion. Our romantic hearts do often fall prey to love’s machinations. But this, in the early stages at least, is special love, not holy, and so partakes quite a little with God’s real intent for us. God and the All MUST be love, for what else would keep true Creation inviolate? God’s Kingdom would fall of its own weight if any truth functioned except love. That is why what we have been making is just illusion, and cannot touch God’s Kingdom, the House of Truth, at all. But we are moving away from these false ideas, and when we love fully and completely, with our whole being, we come very close to God. And it is He Who has been leading us to discovery all along our pathway home to Him.


Thank You for this good day. Guide my fingers as I type. Guide my thoughts as I form the next sentence. The Self of union knows whereof I speak. The Self of union is the real Self whom we, all of us, share.

My debt to Jesus is great. I appreciate his willingness to take charge of the Sonship. So many in our world look to him as their leader. It behooves us to listen, and to listen well, for Jesus may be whispering in our ears—any of us.


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