A Gentle Dream of Hope

“There is creation going on in this becoming, the very creation promised you. This is the creation of the new you that you were told will precede the creation of the new world. This is what is meant by “as within, so without.” Only a new you can create a new world. The new you is the elevated Self of
form who you are in the process of becoming. This time of becoming is the time in between your awareness of and access to Christ-consciousness or unity, and your sustainability of Christ-consciousness or unity, in form. In your time of directly experiencing the movement, being, and expression of unity, you are being who you are. At other times, you are becoming who you are. (ACOL, D:16.13)

Most of our time now is spent “becoming,” though we know so much more now about just who we are becoming. As we head into Christ-consciousness, we are much calmer than we used to be—though maybe not consistently. We still have our moments. But the promise from Jesus is that we are “becoming,” and this is good news indeed.

A Course in Miracles promised us that we would not awaken (i.e., move into Christ-consciousness) in mortal fear and terror. The dream that we are caught in will become gentle, and happier dreams will come our way. We WILL be serene. And, now, in A Course of Love, we are promise that we are on the cusp of a new world, a new world that we will be creating. The promise of the future is indeed good.

If Awakening still seems to be far off, know that there are things we can do to invite it. We can contemplate, meditate, pray. We can reread A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. Even the New Testament. If the way ahead seems long, think about how far we have already traveled. We are much more at peace—all of us—than we were when we started our journey. The dream that we are caught in has become happier. And all of us have Jesus as a friend, as he has promised—to come with “a single unequivocal call.” Do you believe it? Put aside doubts and entertain the idea, for this is a great promise indeed.


Thank You for this beautiful, sunny day, warm and inviting to the spirit. May my spirit soar today to heights that have previously been off-limits to me. May I ascend to those heights in serenity and peace, joy and harmony. May I sense Your Presence in my life, living through me. May I be sure to thank Jesus for the good words that he has given in his channeled works.

Be with me today to increase my happiness, for happiness is a good goal, and it removes so much of our self-centeredness. Self-centeredness rises up when we are preoccupied with our problems. I would not be so preoccupied today. You have given me a clear slate for the day. Thank You.


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