Warmth from God

“In your time of directly experiencing the movement, being, and expres¬sion of unity, you are whole and complete, you feel no lack, no uncertainty, no doubt. You are confident in what you know. You realize fully that you are no longer a learning being and that you have no need for teachers or for guidance other than for that which comes from your own heart.” (ACOL, D:16.14)

My experience of unity, an experience much sought and sought often, is the experience of a warmth at the center of my being. And this, I think, is the “heart” aspect about which Jesus speaks in this quotation. To feel the warmth of God and Self is to know Love with a capital “L.” It doesn’t come when we are out of sorts. It comes when we are in flow with our environment, when all is well with our significant others, when we are not pressured to do – do – do, but are willing and able to just “be” for a good long while.

The more we invite the feeling of warmth from God, the more often we will so experience it. At least that has been my experience. God’s help to us is a free offer. He is abundantly willing and abundantly able to help us in whatever predicament we found ourselves.

And I am convinced that God likes us happy. And that is an OK goal, though it won’t come immediately from striving after it. Happiness is a by-product of being right with God and humankind, a by-product of work that feeds our soul, and a by-product of, more mundanely, being in a good mood. Of course, people who are depressed can feel God’s love as well, but they too need to realize that every attempt to lift one’s self up is met with a corresponding lift from God. He knows what we need before we ask, though asking is likely to evoke a more immediate response. Many of our blessings, indeed, must be requested. If we don’t know what to ask for, how will we know a blessing when it comes?

In unity we are right with the world and right with God. This is where we are heading, in union, heart and mind, in union, Christ-self with the larger Self of union. When we feel as Jesus describes in the quotation for today, we are ripe for a glimpse of enlightenment, of Christ-consciousness, of Awakening. And the longer we sustain that glimpse, the farther along our pathway we have proceeded.

We reach heavenward, in gratitude, when we feel warmth from God Himself. He knows that He is giving us what we need, and this is indeed something that we need more than “want.”


Help me to enjoy the warmth that encompasses me today. Help me to remain in unity, as Jesus has described. Keep my mind clear, my heart full. Let me be as You would have me be, Your child, Your daughter.

Thank You for guiding me ever so gently. Thank You for picking me up when I fall down. Thank You for the manifold blessings that are spread out, like manna, on our world.


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