Our One Self Is One with God

“This image, being but an image, is incapable of true joining in relation¬ship. You must be fully present in order to join in relationship. All of your images are false images, and when you retain them you do not allow for the time of learning to be replaced with the only replacement that will sustain Christ-consciousness, the replacement of learning with sharing in unity and relationship.” (ACOL, D:16.21)

“This image,” mentioned in this quotation, is the image of who we have been, a shadow of our real self. We have not been being “who we are,” and until we are “being who we are,” the elevated Self of form, we won’t be really fully realized as individuals. This moving into being the elevated Self of form is what the “becoming” aspect of this time is really all about. We are not yet ready to recognize the elevated Self of form in full Christ-consciousness, but we are getting there. Perhaps slowly, but just as surely.

We aren’t about learning any longer, trying to learn “who we are.” This learning depended on authorities of the past, and these will fail us if we try to depend on them still. We are sharing as one Self, all of us, and we are in the one Self (unity), yet differentiated into the many who are in relationship each to the other. The phrase, in “unity and relationship,” is used over and over in A Course of Love, but it does take very little reflection to understand what is meant. The many become lost in the One, in God, but still know each other, can know each other, because we are in relationship, seeing one another in a shared separatism. Of course, we know that we are no longer really separate from anybody, including God. And that is what unity has taught us. Christ-consciousness will mystically allow us to discover what exactly transpires now.

We need to stay away from false images of ourselves, for these are, in a sense, simply idols. These false images have kept us locked up within ourselves as long as the ego has held sway. But we have left the ego behind now that we have read this far in ACOL, and we want to be very sure that we don’t move to form a new ego. This would be traveling backward. And we wouldn’t do our part to change the world or to create a new world. We also, ourselves, would be trapped again.

So: Let the images of a persona go. We don’t need it to be who we really are. To be ourselves. This new Self we are coming to see is aplenty for us. We just have not had the words to describe what Jesus is telling us anew. We are one Self, individuated into the many selves—in unity and relationship forever.


Be with me as I seek to fulfill my destiny as part of the Self that is mystically One. Joined with You. I would be inclined to seek out Your being as manifested in me. As you live through me, I seek not to distort the new being that You are embodying as the elevated Self of form.

Thank You for Your patience with me. Sometimes I seem to make such slow progress, as I understand progress. The progress I make now is not a movement into egotism again, but a gentle ascension of being that comes when I reach for Heaven. I would reach for Heaven today.



3 thoughts on “Our One Self Is One with God

  1. Could you define: Christ Consciousness? And what is (ACOL, D:16.21)?? Bible passage? Proverb? Serious question. If you do not know the answer, please direct me. Thank you.

    • George —

      Thank you for your serious questions.

      Christ-consciousness is the same as Awakening, as it is called in A Course in Miracles, and the same as enlightenment, as it is called in Eastern religions. It is a new state of consciousness in which the subconscious mind becomes more available, our conscious mind slows down in thinking, and the best part is that we realize we have changed. It is the ultimate in salvation, but it is farther along the pathway that having a “born again” experience, or of being baptized by the Holy Spirit. For most people, Christ-consciousness first comes in glimpses, and then in elongated glimpses, when we are especially peaceful, mellow. But there can be sudden change, and people may find themselves disoriented for a time, knowing their thought processes are different, but not understanding what has happened to them. Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now explains still further what I am trying to get across to you.

      ACOL is A Course of Love, a book channeled at the turn of this century, many believe by Jesus. It is called within its pages, a “continuation” of A Course in Miracles. Mari Perron was the receiver. ACOL is available from Take Heart Publications, in print and also as an e-book.

      I will continue to talk to you if you send me at email at my public email, halescelia@yahoo.com.

      I appreciate your questions.

      Love, Celia

  2. yes, we are all one with Him, each of us a drop of the Ocean Almighty. That’s why we also have this unique connection to Him, each of us, in being aware that we are being (Self – Consciousness).

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend
    Have a nice day

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