Let Each Act Be a Gift to God

“The secret of succession is simple. It is but a matter of wholehearted desire. Do you wholeheartedly desire to follow me to your true inheritance? To come after me and be as I was? To be the inheritor of the gifts that are ours? Do you desire this? Are you willing to claim it? Are you willing to claim it in form and time?

“Can you understand that what you claim in form and time was always yours?” (ACOL, D:17.3 – 17.4)

Jesus is here getting very personal with us. He is inviting to follow his example, though he is not imagining that we will meet a death like his (he specifically denies this). But he is asking us to follow in his footsteps, using him as a model for what can be done, what can be accomplished. Our true inheritance is the Love that Jesus brought to earth 2,000 years ago and is bringing still, through his presence (often when we aren’t fully aware that he is with us), and through his channeled works. Elsewhere he says that the positive changes in the world can be often traced to the influence of A Course in Miracles and the celestial speed-up that it represented. Things were going very badly in the sixties, and earlier, and people on earth are being asked to step up to the plate and achieve in the spiritual realm before we are quite ready.

This may sound daunting, but if we believe Jesus when he says that he is often around us, helping us, coming with “a single, unequivocal call,” then we will thank him for his presence, whether or not we are aware of it fully. We will walk into a new world with his guidance as he leads us. And his apostles are many. In The Way of Mastery, he calls those of his spiritual persuasion, members of the “lineage.” This is an ancient gathering of individuals who have walked closely with God, and newcomers are always welcome. We are needed. We see this world falling apart, and we think we can’t make any difference. But the smallest act can have widespread ramifications. When we let the ego go, we are ready to achieve without dragging ourselves downward. We are achieving best, because we are subject to guidance.

So: Reach inward for the inheritance from Jesus that here he promises. Know that the tiniest of acts reverberates through the cosmos. Let each act be a gift to God for His blessings, for we all have them.


Guide my steps today to joy-filled living, for I know that this is Your will for me. Help me to be a tolerant and a kind individual, one who never puts another in an awkward position. Help me not to be too “right,” if being right is neither kind nor happy. Help me to be tactful.

I thank You for the warmth that enfolds when I turn to You. I am blessed to feel Your warmth. I am blessed to have experienced Your warmth for many years without an eclipse that many call a dark night of the soul. May all of us know what we need to know without being dragged through that black hole.



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