As Within, So Without

“This is why you have been told the time of parables, or stories, has ended. This is why you have been told: “As within, so without.” This is why you have been taken to the top of the mountain without leaving home. You have taken the inward course, the inward journey, the only journey that is real in the only way that is real.

“We will spend forty days and forty nights here together, at the top of the mountain, fasting from want, becoming aware of desire, responding to desire. This is the final stage of becoming. Herein lies the secret of succession.” (ACOL, D:17.25 – 17.26)

This quotation from Jesus is the introduction to a very important part of the Dialogues of A Course of Love—the Forty Days and Forty Nights. Jesus is asking us to spend forty days and forty nights with him on a metaphorical mountaintop, but the mountain has come to us, and we will not drop out of our work nor our lives. We will stay put, but we will discover so very much.

Most of that time, we will still be “becoming.” Jesus hopes that at the end of this period of time, we will be in Christ-consciousness, to sustain it, though he does not deny us the journey many times if we don’t make it the first. And most of us don’t make it right away, something that can seem very frustrating to us.

Hold frustration. God knows best. If we have not reached Christ-consciousness, with God reaching down (metaphorically) and lifting us up, please know that there is a reason. It doesn’t mean that we have failed. It simply means that the time has not yet come, that in some way we are not ready. Be patient with God and patient with ourselves. The glorious Answer will come in its own time, at the right time.

Jesus knows that many of us would wish to be on a retreat from life while we take the mountaintop journey with him. But this staying in our life as it is, is not a second-choice decision. It is actually best, because we are discovering how to live on different levels at once. And we will live on different levels in the future, sometimes aware of our Self of union, sometimes retreating to our inner Christ-Self without being aware of unity. Sometimes not even being aware of the merger of heart and mind. We still have much to discover. And earth is the place on which we discover it.

We have only 41 days left in our journey through A Course of Love. We have learned, and then discovered, much, we hope. We hope that sooner rather than later, we will come into our own, the blessed state of Christ-consciousness, which, once reached, will not seem so very different from our normal living. The reason for this is that we have been prepared. Jesus has prepared us.

And for that we thank him.

Dear God,

I ask for a healing of myself today. A healing of anxieties, of uncertainties, of miseries. The day seems long when there is much to do in it. Help me to turn the day over to You, to be in Your flow.

And I know it will be done as You say.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

3 thoughts on “As Within, So Without”

  1. Celia,
    Thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragement through our journey through ACOL . I want to thank you for the prayer each day. You inspire me more than you will ever know. Hugs

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