Words of Wisdom

“If you are to succeed me, you must accept me, much as you must accept your ascension to this mountain peak and this dialogue that is occurring here. If you believe this mountain peak is merely metaphorical, you will not realize that you have ascended or that you have left behind the conditions of the initiate. If you believe these are words of wisdom and that you can remain ambivalent about their source, you will not know me nor accept me, and you will not know or accept your Self.” (ACOL, D:Day1.7)

Jesus is here pleading with us to believe that he is the source of these words. But not the individual who lived 2,000 years ago; he wants us not to think of him in those terms now. He wants us to realize that the Self of union, the Self of whom we are a part, is the same Self whom he shares. All of us share this Self; it is just that some don’t yet recognize this. He is asking for an intimate relationship with us. “Accepting” Jesus is becoming aware of his personal interest in us and our development. He urges us to put aside our doubts, and to contemplate that a relationship with him, a part of the same Self whom we share, can offer great benefits in our progress toward reunion with God.

Many can accept the words of wisdom in A Course of Love without fully believing that Jesus could channel to a woman on earth. The words of wisdom are very keen. But here Jesus is saying that we will derive much more benefit if we can put aside our questions, and just conclude that it is really he who is offering us these words of wisdom.

Just open our minds a crack and consider that the quotation is right on beam, that we are hearing from a man who does not occupy body, but who cares about each of us. How he can reach so many individuals is something that we don’t really know, but there are mysteries on heaven and earth of many types that we cannot understand with finite minds. Science has not proceeded that far. Elsewhere Jesus says that the change that our minds and hearts will undergo would be discernible to scientists if they knew what to look for. I think of his insistence that these words are really his along the same lines. We don’t know how he can be present for each of us who calls out, but he has promised that he will be.

Let doubts fall away, and allow a glimmer of faith, a mustard seed of faith, to envelop us. We will not be sorry that we dropped our doubts and entertained a magnificent truth.

Dear God,

Thank You that I am able to consider things that I cannot prove. The proof will come later. And now the proof is in the result. And I am living much better than before A Course of Love entered my life. This is the rock-bottom truth. And it is a truth that is true for many readers of ACOL.

Be with me so that I am compassionate with the people who are a part of my life. May the day go smoothly, the night blestful.



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