Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

“I am the secret of succession, the way and the life, the beginning of the end of the story that is to be fulfilled, brought to completion and wholeness in you and in me, so that together we bring about the second coming of Christ and the elevation of the Self of form.” (ACOL, D:Day1.29)

Here Jesus is asking us to follow in his footsteps—in “succession,” as he says. This is a new way of referring to following him, and it gives us a big challenge (though A Course in Miracles says that there is no challenge to the advanced teacher of God, because he/she follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and chooses for all humankind). Can we do it? Of course. We know, don’t we, that Jesus has been leading us aright. Now he wants us to mellow out, to cease senseless fear and senseless judgment, and to ready ourselves for God’s great step—to lift us up into Awakening, into Christ-consciousness. We also don’t plan, for our guidance (often as intuition) will tell us, surely and completely, what to say and do next. When we are in flow, going about our day in serenity and peace, listening for guidance, we live with a sureness that has eluded us heretofore.

Jesus would not have us follow him into crucifixion, for he resolved all that suffering with the resurrection. While he does not explain how the resurrection happened, he does say that it happened. Other writings have talked of a dematerialization of the human body of Jesus, and then his appearances to his disciples, and others, including the women on Easter morning, as taking place in a risen body (an ethereal body). Can we believe it?

The eyewitness testimony in the Gospels says as much. Perhaps we need to set aside our doubts, and know that Jesus was invoking physical laws above what is usual for this world. There are more things in heaven and earth than we have dreamed of.

To follow in succession with Jesus is to embody an elevated Self of form enthralled by Christ-consciousness. This is his will for us. This is God’s will for us. Praying that this eventuality happen sooner rather than later is completely in line with Jesus’s words to us. We need simply to accept all that has heretofore been unacceptable to ourselves, including our own misguided mistakes. They simply do not matter in the grand scheme of things. Jesus stands at the end to correct any mistakes that we have been unable to correct.

Take him at his word.

Dear God,

I would be more stable in my outlook, happier and more contented in day-to-day life. I would focus on an Eastertime this year that is generous and good to all people. I ask for your help in daily living, knowing that no problem of mine is too small for Your attention.

Thank You for Jesus’s attention to detail, attention to all of us. He shows me the way. I am well-protected and well-loved. I sense this, and for this I give thanks.



3 thoughts on “Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

  1. We can’t fully imagine the miraculous, supernatural, type of beings we are. The world would call us crazy, bipolar, or out of touch with reality; but when we experience heaven on earth, we will never be the same. I can’t deny my godly experience!

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