We Are in God’s Care / Accept Ourselves

“Acceptance of your Self is acceptance of me. Acceptance of your Self is acceptance of your inheritance. Now is the time to come into full acceptance of the human self as well as the Self of unity. It is time for the final merging of the two into one Self, the elevated Self of form.” (ACOL, D:Day2.1)

This is the moment we have been waiting for, the moment that Jesus introduces in this quotation. We are ready for the elevated Self of form. We are ready. Do we doubt it?

Perhaps we do doubt it. But rest easy; we have about 35 days left on the mountaintop. We will be alright. Rest and be relaxed. The way back to God is not hard, as this blog has repeatedly said. We need to go with the flow, relax in God’s good graces, be reassured that all is well.

When we accept ourselves, we are living in our own genuine authenticity. And this is being who we really are. We have previously bent ourselves all out of shape trying to be good; now is the time to let these machinations just fall away. We are not asked to be perfect; Jesus will correct any faults that we cannot. Now is the time for that, also. We are nearing the end of our pathway back to God. Turn to Him for relief from anything and everything that ails us.

And He will be there.

Acceptance is the key point here. We have so often not done so, and to our detriment. Just be satisfied with the Self whom we are. This Self is going to give us great joy, but we are standing with our eyes partially covered still. This won’t do. We are afraid of the light. But the transition to being the elevated Self is gentle, and there is no need to cover our eyes.

Listen and we will hear. Intuition will guide us, when we are open to it.

Be open to it.

Dear God,

May this day go well. Thank You for the previous days of joy, the previous days of sorrow; thank You for all of it, for it has made me ready for You, finally.

Thank You for being here for me. I will accept myself as I am, not bend myself all out of shape trying to be something that You never intended. When I “meet” You, you will not ask me if I were some saint; You will ask me if I were myself. Pure and simple.



One thought on “We Are in God’s Care / Accept Ourselves

  1. Perfect – absolutely perfect – Celia.

    And, as ever, thank you so very much!

    In love, truth, and inner peace unlimited,




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