Don’t Live in the Past

“Let me ask you now, are these feelings—feelings that are attached to your belief that you have harmed others—not feelings of sorrow? Are you not sorry for these actions? Have you not expressed your wish that you had acted differently? Can you see a way to change the past or to “make up for” what occurred in the past?

“Now is the time for acceptance, even of these actions that you would rather not accept. (ACOL, D:Day2.10 – Day 2.11)

Just prior to this quotation, Jesus is expressing his understanding that we all have things that we regret, and regret deeply. We think, therefore, that we are not good enough for this blessing that Jesus is holding out for us, the blessing of Christ-consciousness.

But here he goes on to say that our deep regret is enough, that we don’t have to “merit” his blessing. Here we have to simply move on, and the way to do that is through acceptance, radical acceptance, of ourselves.

He specifically mentions divorce as a point of great regret for many people. He knows, and we know, that we must move on from this. Our future lives depend on putting this action in the past. And until we accept the circumstances, we will have trouble putting divorce in the past.

But it can be done. Thus so for all, and that means all, things that we are sorry to have perpetrated in our lives. We regret, we ask forgiveness, and then we move on. There is no other way.

So: Accept today that those things in the past that hold regret are just that—in the past. And we don’t live in the past. We live today. Forgive, including forgive ourselves, and then move on—to acceptance. Then we are ready for God’s great blessing of Awakening, Christ-consciousness, enlightenment.

Dear God,

When I look over my life, I see some things to regret. But, as Jesus recommends, I place those things I in the distant past now. I see the world anew and afresh. I see with clear eyes, no more old nonsense. I would live well and peacefully, in Your good grace, from now on.

Thank You.



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