Accept Self in Its Essence

“But just as you are called here to accept me despite possible misgivings such as religious beliefs, you are called to accept yourself. This uncondi¬tional acceptance is necessary.” (ACOL, D:Day2.15)

Jesus continues with the theme of acceptance, heralding now an unconditional acceptance of ourselves. We so rarely accept ourselves, we who are always reading self-help literature, lamenting our failure to be perfect, chastising ourselves for some lapse in our spiritual walkway. We who are on the spiritual path find much that we don’t like in ourselves—so accept ourselves unconditionally? How can we do so?

It will take a leap of faith, a leap that we are good enough as we are, a leap that we need just to be ourselves. This “being who we are” will become the culminating advice from Jesus in A Course of Love. It will be his parting advice to us, and he is paving the way now by talking of unconditional acceptance of ourselves just as we are.

We may think that this advice is fine for somebody, somebody who is less sensitive to faults than we have always been. Those of us on the spiritual path are those who, previously, were most attuned to “sin” in ourselves and others. Now we call these sins just “mistakes,” but we still don’t forgive ourselves. We know that God has forgiven us, but we don’t accept that knowledge by taking the next obvious step and believing that we are once again in grace. We think there might be something we have left undone; we may even be able to name this something. And all the while, we hold out on unconditional acceptance of ourselves.

When we hold out on unconditional acceptance of ourselves, we hold out on Christ-consciousness. We are trying to better than we really are, and this is a form of judgment that is fueled by fear that we are not good enough. And we already know that fear and judgment are two emotions that are incompatible with God’s world. We cling to what dooms us. And then we wonder why we haven’t reached Christ-consciousness yet.

Drop all of this petty misgiving for the reassurance that Jesus gives us in A Course of Love. We are good enough, though we are not perfect. He stands at the end of the walkway to correct any errors that we couldn’t rectify. Take him at his word, and accept ourselves fully and completely. Today.

This is not as hard as it sounds. A little simple humility, to say that Jesus can do what we have not been able to do. A little acknowledgment that we can’t find our way back alone. If we could, we would have already done so. Jesus says this in ACOL. Now it is up to us to accept help, and then to accept ourselves just as we are, with a thankful spirit for what will happen soon.

Dear God,

I ask for an uplifted spirit today. So often I get petty complaints and worries on my mind and heart, and I rue the day that You have given to me. Help me to rise above this type of mistake today. Help me to welcome You into my heart, sure that You are living life through me, that we are One.

Be with me as I seek to enjoy the glorious earth You have provided. Help me to make wise decisions, decisions that are informed by guidance. My intuition will wither if I don’t listen to it. I will listen today.



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