Inward to Silence Speaking

“This is why you first needed to accept me. To accept me is to accept the end of suffering. To accept the end of suffering is to accept your true Self.” (ACOL, D:Day2.27)

Our true Self knows no suffering. Our true Self is the Oversoul who is part of God, yet also part of ourselves and our “little” or personal self. We reach deep within ourselves to make a contact with this deepest part of ourselves. Our true Self is not “out there” somewhere in space, but in the silence deep within. And it is in reaching downward and inward that we will know no suffering. Pain, maybe; but suffering, no.

Ask to be shown. Enter into a dialogue with Jesus. To do so is as simple as to sit down with paper and pencil, or computer document and typing—and sense what to write. This sensing will come invariably. We will use our imagination, which is how the silence speaks to us. And this silence is the silence that we share with everyone, including Jesus. It is the Self Itself, large enough for all to share from the inside. It is our way back.

This writing will not ever hurt anyone. If words come through that are hurtful, we are inadvertently sourcing a part of ourselves that hasn’t made it all the way down to God. Perhaps an egoic part. Perhaps a part of ourselves who hasn’t yet given up on this earth as it is presently configured. We need to be ready to walk into a new world, a new world that we are either assisting to change OR creating anew. This is what we are about: a new world.

The dialogue with Jesus will show us our next step. And entering the dialogue with friends and family will also show us the way, for all of us are the one Self. Everyone can do this. Everyone needs to do this.

The world needs us. Answer today.

Dear God,

Turn me into a consistently kind individual. I still get angry; I still feel like rejecting what I don’t like. But, in flow, the best happens, even when I don’t recognize it at first. Help me to recognize the best sooner rather than later.

The way back is assured all of us. Thank You for those who are ready to reach deep within, to accept Jesus as the leader for readers of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. Thank You for motivating me today to write this blog post. Sometimes all that any of us needs is a little push, a gentle push that You give.


3 Replies to “Inward to Silence Speaking”

  1. This was encouraging. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the things in our lives that we don’t want in our lives but God does.

      1. OMG how beautiful you express that and God is always reaching back for us to taste and see the good that we are. Thank you sweetly for this response. Hugs

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