“Oh, Earth, You’re Too Wonderful for Anybody to Realize You!”

“Accept your anger for it is the next step in the continuum upon which we travel. When a person is dying, just as when a person is undergoing this final surrender, there are stages through which one moves. The first is denial, the second is anger. We have already spoken of denial, albeit in a new way. Now we will speak of anger, in both an old and a new way. Let me suggest to you what it is truly all about. It is about the way you have learned and your lack of understanding of what this did to you.” (ACOL, D:Day3.1)

Do we feel anger at this point in reading A Course of Love? Jesus suggests that we will, if following along in the book. Why? We are beginning to realize that much of what we have learned in the past will be of little use to us in the future. We are nearing the point in the Dialogues, the third and last book in ACOL, in which Jesus asks us to stop depending on the learned wisdom of authorities. And it is these authorities that have often not gotten it right. Their motivation may have been stellar, they may have sought to know God, and to pass along what they knew, but somehow they fell short. And their interpretations are what are now making us angry. We learned wrong.

What do we hear now? That change is good, that we—each of us—are either going to change the world or create a new world. I am reminded of the renowned play by Thornton Wilder entitled “Our Town.” In it, Emily returns from the grave to revisit one day in her just-finished life. She finds out that people don’t notice each other and their world enough, don’t slow down to appreciate. And she concludes, “Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you!”

We are about to realize how good earth really can get. There may be some bumps in the road, but by and large we are on a pathway, pointed out by Jesus in channeled writings, that carries us all along smoothly. We know now not to let emotional turmoil turn pain into suffering, and while this seems clear to us, and simple, it has not always been obvious. We have support in our daily rounds. With “a single unequivocal call,” Jesus is here for us. We may doubt this, but I take him literally. How he can clone himself is beyond what we can know in this realm, but his guidance to any who ask for it is a sure promise.

So we feel the anger that we were misled by much that we read in the past, but we drop it when we realize that it is unwise to cling to the past. Walk into a miraculous world, kept pristine and pure for us to inhabit in this time of the second coming of Christ. While Jesus does not promise a physical return, he is returning to those who ask.

Be one who asks today.

Dear God,

Thank You for your steadfast support of me. Thank You that Jesus is a constant in this world, he and his colleagues. Thank You for opening my eyes to the promise of a new world. This old, worn world is at an end, soon, and I welcome a new beginning in a newly created world.

Lift my sights to higher ground. If obsessions threaten my peace of mind, let those dark thoughts just rest lightly on my mind and dissipate into thin air. May I awaken each morning with the assurance that this will be a good day. Always and forever.



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