Ennobling Life

“What you learned is insane. But to realize the truth you must now fully reject the untruths that you learned. You must fully reject the ideas that taught you that you do not have enough, that you will only have what you can earn or learn, that only through effort will you gain, and that with your gain will come another’s loss. In other words, here is where you must accept the teachings of this Course.” (ACOL, D:Day3.25)

The “teaching of this Course” asks us to realize that much that we have struggled to attain for ourselves is actually going to come to us as a gift from God, effortlessly. To believe this takes a giant leap of faith, for we have long believed that we had to work hard, to earn, that which we require to keep us going in this world. To believe the teaching of this Course will not mean that we lie down and do nothing. But it does mean that work will merge into play, and that that endeavor will be achieved with a clear mind, open to ideas from a God Who gives ideas, and in the giving shows us how to use our talents for the best. If we are doing something that we hate in a job in order to earn the money to support ourselves, perhaps now we will be led to realize that this is not the new way being pointed out by A Course of Love. If we are trapped in a relationship solely for the money that it provides, to give us material comforts, maybe we need to realize that it is far better to love in our relationships if we are to keep a holy encounter.

For us to gain, it does not mean that another must lose. There is enough for everyone in the new world that we will be moving into. We have many ideas of outdoing another for our own aggrandizement, but such ideas are not of God, and it behooves to consider whether or not the ideals by which we live are actually ideals that would pass muster with a loving Creator.

The teachings of A Course of Love will transform our world view. These teachings will give us a new lease on life, a life that will no longer be lived in struggle with what each day brings, but in acceptance, total and complete, of the day’s happenings. Once we accept what is before us, we will then make changes as need be, refusing to keep what does not ennoble. But full acceptance is necessary first. Then we can change what we dislike, after, but only after, we have come to terms with exactly what we dislike about our experiences.

Dear God,

I know that keeping a fresh outlook on the events of a given day will lift that day into a sphere that is positive. Positive outlooks build on themselves, and it is to the positive that I would look today. Help me to turn aside from any and all frustrations. Help me to see You in my daily round.

May each day be like a pearl on a string, with one day touching another and building a string of pristine pearls. May the joys of each day escalate into a joyous present and future. Be with me. I long for You.



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