Rest in Gentle Assurance

“To read the inspired wisdom of teachers such as these in order to “learn” has prevented the very relationship that these teachers sought to impart.

“What you have “learned,” and since the time of learning had revealed to you, is a new way, the way of direct relationship with God, the way of knowing through discovery. Remember always that knowing through discovery is knowing what was not known before, and keep this in mind as we consider the knowing of abundance.” (ACOL, D:Day3.37 – Day 3.38)

Knowing, real knowing, comes from intuitive understanding, not from our reading, however learned those discourses may be. When we know, we no longer perceive, for perception is of the ego, and we may perceive wrongly. Knowledge, and the acquisition of knowledge, rests on a sure foundation. When we know, we may find it hard to explain to another what we know. It just seems to us to BE. And this being is its salient point.

We are to know that the end of learning is here. We do not need to seek farther and farther afield for information about how to live our lives. We can rest in the inspiration that comes from God Himself. We can know in a way that has eluded us heretofore.

This knowledge is a great blessing. We walk through this world with a surety that we have lacked until now. We have been so confused about what to do and say. And what Jesus is saying is that those times of indecision are at an end—if we will let them rest, and lean on intuition, which gives us a solid foundation from which to act and speak. The way is clear now. If we seem confused, perhaps we are still caught up in a pattern of the ego (though the ego itself is gone from us). We are, in other words, in a habit of being confused, and everyone knows that habits can be hard to break.

Rest in gentle assurance that what Jesus has told us is the truth. We no longer have to restlessly seek further knowledge of things above, further knowledge of Heaven. If we just have the patience to listen to our inner guidance, we will know absolutely all that we need to know.

And we will be happy in that knowledge.

Dear God,

Thank You for solving any and all problems that seem to develop in one fell swoop. Thank You that the solution is always with what I perceive to a problem. That means that no problem lingers. The way out is being shown on an ongoing basis.

Thank You for Your love, showered on me in a warmth that is palpable. Thank You that any dark nights that I ever went through now seem to be in the past. Help me to have confidence in the promptings that You offer so freely. Thank You for wanting a direct relationship with me, one that I can feel and know.



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