Consoled in Life

“When you have felt the reality of union, you have felt the place in which no want exists. You felt this through the responsiveness of the relationship that is unity.” (ACOL, D:Day3.39)

This quotation is part of the theology of A Course of Love. “Unity” is when we are Christ-conscious, when we have a direct relationship with God. Our inner Christ-Self joins with the larger Self Who is God, or, to understand Jesus’s earlier analogy, the dot of our body joins with the surrounding white space. This is unity. This means that we are consoled in our daily living. We know that God is with us; we feel His Presence in our bones. And we are not in need (“no want exists”). We know that God is deep within, and we know that He gives us a sense of His Being in our natural environment. We are at home at last.

How do we know that we have made contact with God? There is an overarching feeling of love. And we reach out to others with the love that we are feeling. This loving feeling gives meaning to our lives, and our relationships with our brothers and sisters also give meaning to us. We know intuitively that we will never be alone again, or, more exactly, that we will ever “feel” alone again (for we have never truly been alone).

We will feel the warmth of God’s love embracing us and giving us solace as we move through our days. We will commune naturally and easily with Him, glad in His blessings to us. We will be in a thankful mood for these blessings. And we won’t see the need to get angry or to attack. At such times of union, we will wonder why we ever saw the need to get angry or to attack.

Be with God today. Relax into His care. We will live far better as a result. And the warm feeling that embraces us will carry over into times, even, in which we are not thinking of God. The warmth is its own reward.

Dear God,

Thank You for being with me this morning. Thank You for always being here. As I relax in Your care, I know that any anger or attack is far from me. May it stay far from me. My feet of clay are not tripping me up any longer.

Be with everyone whom I meet today. And thank You for prompting me in what to say and do. Your guidance has given me a good life. I ask today that that good life continue.



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