The Many Faces of Abundance

“Just as you were told you cannot “think” great ideas into being, or great talent into fruition, just as you were told, in other words, that the “givens” are not to be dealt with by the conscious, or “thinking” mind, so too is it with abundance. Abundance can only be accepted and received, just as great ideas and great talent can only be accepted and received.” (ACOL, D:Day3.53)

We are being told that all of our imaging, our visualizations, and our invoking of the law of attraction just may not bring abundance to us. Abundance can only be “accepted and received,” a gift of God. When we struggle, we are expressing our doubt that abundance can be ours. When we struggle, we are fighting against God.

What if we think that are accepting, ready to receive, and still we can’t meet the mortgage? Maybe there is something more going on. Maybe we are being asked to trust that God’s security will never be withdrawn from us. Security is not met by money in the bank, however much we may think so. We could never have enough to feel secure, if we are placing our faith in the monetary. Money won’t save us, however much we might think that that is all that we need. Materialism is still not the way of God.

Trusting in the beneficence of God, regardless of what transpires, is our route to abundance. Just trusting. Knowing that the rent will get paid. Knowing that the ideas that will save our future earnings will come to us. Only if we trust.

God does not countenance those of us who are too frail to put our safety needs in His hands. He wants us whether we are rich or poor, and there is some evidence from the New Testament that a lot of riches actually will, if loved enough, keep us from Heaven. We need only look to the rich young ruler to understand that the love of money gets us into a lot of trouble.

Put our faith in the gifts of God to save us from ourselves. We may have many lessons to learn in this lifetime, and a period of austerity may be just what we need. Not what we want, but what we need. And abundance is not only money. Abundance is the blessings of talents from God that are finally put to use. Abundance is the assurance that we will never lack for our needs to be satisfied.

If we doubt this, we doubt God’s provision. And His provision is always enough.

Dear God,

If we think that we lack for abundance, we are mistaken. Abundance takes many forms, and forms that we don’t sometimes recognize. Be with me today as I seek to thank You for the various forms of abundance that You have rained down upon my head. Help me to be grateful for Your many blessings. I indeed do have all that I need, for You have promised this. In any problem, the solution is always with the problem. May my imagined and real problems find their solution in You today.


4 Replies to “The Many Faces of Abundance”

  1. Amen. Beautiful post and beautiful prayer. I soaked every word into my heart and soul as read the words of your prayer and spoke them to God. Thank you. I needed that as I always do. Hugs and blessings. ❤ Sue

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