Leave Thinking Behind

“Thinking in this time beyond learning, could be rightly seen as a constraint you but try to impose on all that is natural. Your thinking, since it is a product of learning, does nothing but attempt to learn or teach. These are the natural responses of its training. Thus, a major key to your discovery of all that exists within you in the state of unity, is an end to thinking as you know it.” (ACOL, D:Day4.30)

When we think about our breathing, it becomes labored and unnatural. Jesus is saying the same about our thinking, which might be understood best as obsessional thinking. When thoughts just come and go, we are alright. But when we cling to a thought, it is as though we are placing our hands over our eyes to block our vision. When an athlete thinks of how to throw the basketball, he falters; likewise, when a pianist begins to think about the notes as she places her hands on the keyboard, she too falters.

This is exactly what obsessional thinking does for us. Jesus is trying to take us into a new world by asking us to drop thinking as we have known it. In Christ-consciousness, Awakening, the thought processes slow way down. We read about this in the writings of Eckhart Tolle. And this is where Jesus is leading us. We need fear nothing; he knows what he is doing.

In the state of unity, we are in another way of living entirely. We have entered Christ-consciousness. Jesus seems to be saying here that in slowing our thinking, and then ultimately stopping most of it—just cessation—we will be doing something to remove the blocks to Awakening.

The way to do this is to go with the flow as we go about our days. Just let events unfold as they will; don’t try to stop anything and analyze it. Analysis is often of the ego, and of egoic patterns, and we are leaving those patterns, as we left the ego, behind. Don’t dam up our thoughts and then obsess about them. We will become unhappy, for this is an unnatural way to live. And it is the natural with which we are most concerned.

Ask to leave, first, obsessional thinking behind. Then ask to leave all thinking as we have known it, behind. This prayer may be answered right away, or there may be a delay. But a positive answer is ultimately assured, because we are asking in God’s Will for us.

Dear God,

Today I would drop all obsessional thinking. I would just say “stop” when the record starts turning around and around again. And I would prepare the way to stop thinking as I have known it entirely. I don’t fully understand. But I don’t have fully to understand, because You do. And You will right my world when You have my cooperation.

Thank You for guiding me so precisely. Help me to be sure that I am hearing correctly at all times.



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