We Are Trying to Reach God

“There is a similar type of focus that will serve you now. It is not a tool, as is meditation, for you are no longer in need of tools. But you have taken yourself away from the ordinary world. You are on top of the mountain. What is this all about? Why have we gathered together here? It is said that during my forty days and forty nights I meditated or prayed. It is said that I fasted. You have been told that you are here to fast from want. You know that you are here to experience both the old temptations and the new. You realize that this is the purpose of our time together here even though you have not put this purpose into words and put these words into your mind. What is the focus of which I speak, the focus that is not meditation, the focus that is not a tool? This is a focus on access itself.” (ACOL, D:Day4.34)

The access that Jesus speaks of in the quotation for today is the access to unity, something which has been stressed over and over by him. This unity is two-fold, of mind and heart, and of the inner Christ-Self with the Self of union. We are, at base, trying to reach God. We are trying to have a direct relationship with God, one no longer mediated by the Holy Spirit.

If we are not fearful of God, this access to direct relationship with God is the most natural in the world. It is the only natural thing in the world. We have twisted ourselves in such knots because of our long interaction with our egoic notions of what the real world is actually like. And we have been wrong. The real world, true reality, is a benign concept that leaves no room for fear, no room for pain and suffering. We will ourselves to a better life with God’s blessing. It doesn’t mean that we will never again be anxious, or that we will never again feel pain of any kind. We are not perfect here, and these things do occur. But they do occur less often. Our dreams of this world become happy dreams, something that A Course in Miracles counseled repeatedly. Our dreams become something that we want, not something that we fear to experience. Our dreams settle down into a realization that God and His glory are what we are really after when we pray.

God is very easy to reach, because He approaches us in silence. When we reach out with a full heart, we touch His garment, much as the sick woman touched the hem of Jesus’s robe years ago, and he felt his energy go out to her. Now we can have this reassurance on a daily basis, many times a day. We can and will know that God’s energy is all about us, sustaining us. We are well-supported.

Dear God,

I would be happy today, blessed in Your sight. You have long blessed me, and for this I am grateful. I ask only for Your indulgence with me a little longer. Don’t let my doubts hinder my development as a multidimensional person. Don’t let my doubts hold me back.

The way home is clear. Jesus has pointed it out. I need only walk with steady pace and head held high, looking up to the heavens. And with this attitude, I know that I am safe.



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