Our Pathway Is Gentle

“Are you here to fast and pray only to have to return when you have once again become a glutton of want, when you once again feel the lack that you would pray for? Surely this you can do, for I deny no one the journey to the mountain top, not once or many times. But this is not what I call you to.” (ACOL, D:Day4.43)

Jesus expresses an ideal in these Forty Days and Forty Nights, an ideal that we would finish the span of 40, and then be justified, in that we would have walked salvation long walkway and completely reached Christ-consciousness, there to remain eternally. It doesn’t usually happen that we fulfill the ideal, though, and many sincere students of A Course of Love have been quite downhearted that they seem to have dropped below the ideal that Jesus has set for us.

We need not feel downhearted. The time when we will Awaken has already been set by God; He makes the ultimate decision, and though we may remove barriers and obstacles, we can’t always fulfill a strict timetable. We can get very frustrated in the attempt, though, and it is this that I would like to consider today. Are we failing when we don’t sustain Christ-consciousness after fulfilling the Forty Days and Forty Nights? Is there anything more that we might have done?

Actually only our internal guidance can answer this question, for the answer is different for each of us. We do all have glimpses of this ethereal state of Christ-consciousness, though, glimpses when we are especially mellow and serene. This in itself is a great blessing. We discover thereby that we are not going to be hurled into reality, as A Course in Miracles reassures us. We are not going to have a mortal fear come upon us; our pathway is gentle. We CAN invite glimpses by getting quiet and easy. We CAN invite glimpses by forgiving as each and every difficult moment passes from us. So there is much that we can do, and mush that still awaits many of us.

Be confident that God’s timing is accurate, for it surely is. If we don’t succeed today, there is always tomorrow. Our diligent pursuit of God’s way for us will ensure that Christ-consciousness will come right on time. We need not fret if that time is not today. But do get quiet in our devotional moments today, and invite a glimpse of Awakening. It WILL come. Be reassured.

Dear God,

I am quiet and easy now, and I sense Your Presence. Thank You for drawing nigh unto me. Thank You for being here with me and making Your Presence known.

Remove errors from me. And give me patience to await Your perfect timing always. Always Your perfect timing.



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