An Entry Point for What Is Beyond This World

“This focal point must be of your own choosing. Your point of access may be your head, or a place just above or to the right or left of your head. It may be your heart, or some mid-point just beyond the body. It may, for some, feel like a connection that arises from the earth and as if it is just below the form of the physical body. Some could feel it in their hands and others as if it comes directly from their mouths as speech is enabled that bypasses the realm of thought completely. Do not fight any of these feelings or others that I have not named. Just consider them givens and choose what feels most natural to you as a focal point for your focus on access.” (ACOL, D:Day5.5)

We are trying to get access to our intuition, and from that, going on to access to Christ-consciousness. All of us, if we stop to think about it, know that we have a point near our bodies that seems to be a focus for some knowledge reaching us from beyond our bodies. Many of us will say, “Ah, yes!” to Jesus’s comments in this section of A Course of Love. We had always known this; now we have verification. We may have thought our thinking was a bit “off” in this regard, but here we learn that what we are sensing is something very natural to us. Our focal points have always been active, and now we learn just how active.

Jesus always focuses on what is “natural” to us. He does not try to present us with something that is so far afield that we can’t give credence to it; the natural enfolds us, and it is through the natural that we will come to recognize that Christ-consciousness is not a distant mirage to which we cannot aspire.

Be cognizant today of the point of focus by which we come to know what is just beyond our conscious knowledge. We are discovering planes beyond our own. We are discovering how to sense that what Jesus has been telling us is true.

Dear God,

My point of focus is just beyond my left ear. I have been aware of this since I was 22, but never did I think that it was something truly significant until I read Jesus’s words in A Course of Love. I really thought it was just one of my “notions.” And I didn’t pay much attention.

I will pay more attention now.


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