Love Is on the Horizon

“You are not separate now from who you will be when you reach comple¬tion! You are in and within the relationship of creation in which created and creator become one.” (ACOL, D:Day6.12)

So often we focus on what is amiss in our lives. And the focus itself makes us feel worse and limits our experience of the Christ in us. We are already possessed of the inner Christ-Self, and it is this Self who reaches deep within to God, for this Self is a part of Him. And it is this Christ-Self who gives us glimpses of Awakening, glimpses that feed our soul and let us know what is on the horizon, in just a little bit—sustainability of these thoughts and feelings, a sustenance of Christ-consciousness.

When we focus on what is amiss, we limit ourselves. Not only do we feel demoralized, but we limit the process by which we prepare for enlightenment. We actually need only remove the blocks to Love’s awareness, as Jesus has emphasized many times in A Course of Love, and in removing the blocks, we uncover what we are really seeking. What we are really seeking is an ongoing experience of Love, and by feeding our loving thoughts, and turning aside from what has been amiss, we enjoy the rich moments that Love can bring to us. We experience Love, and in this experience we have the grandest experience known to humankind. Jesus tells us in The Way of Mastery that he loves for he has discovered that it is the only thing WORTH doing. It is the same for us. Loving is the only thing that is worth doing.

We will know that Love is everything when we eschew thoughts of attack and being attacked. If we recognize that this type of behavior is just pure insanity, we will not be tempted to fail to forgive when confronted with someone who is simply in a bad mood, a mood that will be temporary, easily over, and soon forgotten—when we forgive. The attack that so accompanies the ego (and truly is its most significant characteristic) can be forgotten and forgiven when we realize that this is simply a passing manifestation of madness. And all of us—all of us who have not reached Christ-consciousness—are mad to a degree.

How do we remove the blocks to love’s awareness without obsessing about what is amiss? Well, we can’t entirely. But we need to look at the second part of that directive, “love’s awareness,” not overlooking that if we have to have obsessions, Love is what we ought to be concerned about. The awareness of love will take us far, farther and faster than we might have hoped.

We are no longer totally mad. We, all of us reading these words, have had glimpses of God’s bounty for us. And those glimpses will elongate and eventually become permanent fixtures for us. When we have understood that Love is only thing worth doing, the only thing worth having. Our solitary time spent with God and our inner Christ-Self will show us this.

Spend time alone today with God. Let Him speak to our very real needs.

Dear God,

Thank You for leading me to understand that focusing on what is amiss, to the exclusion of what is right (Love), will get me nowhere fast. May I focus on Your Love today. May I realize that removing blocks to love does not have to become an obsession with blocks. It can become a true understanding of what Love is all about.

Be with me to refocus my thoughts on the positive. Be with me as I seek Your counsel always.

Thank You.



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