Invite Reverence & Closeness with God

“Does this work of acceptance seem never ending? It is until it is replaced by reverence, just as learning was unending until it was replaced by accep¬tance. The conditions, however, of this time of acceptance are not the conditions of the time of learning, and so you will soon see that the diffi-culty of the time of learning truly is behind you.” (ACOL, D:Day6.32)

Acceptance means an acquiescence, or, as a Buddhist master said, “Be willing to have it so.” But there is a paradox here: Acceptance, and being willing to have it so, are not passive states. Instead, in the scenario that A Course of Love is presenting to us, we will be very busy about our Father’s business in changing and/or creating a new world. This new world is the culminating thought of ACOL, what we will spend our time changing/creating once Christ-consciousness has been sustained in us. First we have glimpses of Awakening, then we maintain that state over time, but after that we truly do move into the sustenance of enlightenment. And, with that, nothing is ever the same again.

Communing with our Maker gives us, often, the sense of reverence to which Jesus refers. It is a harmonious state, a mellow state, a few moments of true relaxation that invite our desire to have these states of being be permanent in us. Reverence and awe are due to God, but awe, especially, is due nobody but God. Reverence, on the other hand, can be a feeling that engulfs us when we are feeling especially loving and especially loved. Reverence is close to holiness, and who among us would not want to experience the truth that we are indeed, right now, beings who are holy? Time has no meaning in eternity, and we are, as Jesus has affirmed often in ACOL, the “accomplished.” We ought to think about that assertion when we have an especially difficult day.

We are leaving learning behind, in that we need to accept that our seeking should be at an end. We have indeed found, now, and referring to the learned wisdom of the past, to authorities of the past, will not do it for us. We are in a new time, a new day. Our source of wisdom now is from within, the authority of the Christ-Self whom we are now just coming to know. Our union with the Self who embodies everyone will allow thoughts from beyond ourselves to take up residence within us. And often, this guidance will seem so apropo that we won’t realize that we are drawing on union to find our answers.

Invite reverence today. Allow it to become our naturally manifesting state of mind and heart. Reverence is healing, and in its wake we will come to know much that has been veiled from us.


Dear God,

I want to live differently now than I have lived in the past. I want to be at your beck and call, irregardless of what my little self would plan for the day. Take me at my word, and give me my marching orders. Then the way will be clear for me to wrap myself in a cocoon of Your love. What more could I ask?
Thank You for this beautiful world. May those living on it become harmonized with the call for Love that is sent out from the heavens.



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