Finally We Are Happy

“Denial of yourself was the precondition that set the stage for the time of learning. The time of learning would not have been needed had you not denied your Self. When you saw yourself as separate and alone, you could not help but suffer fear, loneliness, and all the ills that came from the base emotion of fear. Fear is degenerating. Nothing about fear is life giving. You thus were given life only to have it become degenerated by fear.” (ACOL, D:Day7.2)

Eons ago we thought that we separated from God, because we wanted to see if what we would make would be something that we liked better than what God had created. What a miserable thought! And we have suffered, in illusion, from this pain-filled choice ever since.

Now we can turn things around. When we choose to reunite with God, we choose the best route possible for ourselves. We are glad again, for every day that we experience. Finally we are happy.

The way back is not hard, for in truth the separation has not really happened. It could not, for we are part of God, and we can thus never leave Him. Anything that is illusion is easily left behind, when we make a new choice. Make that new choice now. Be through with illusion.

In the meantime, since we thought we separated from God, we have filled our mind with much garbage. And it is this subconscious, and sometimes conscious, garbage that must now be eradicated. Slowly, but inevitably, the negative thoughts rise to the surface when bidden to come. Literally everything in our world is designed to take us back home to God. And so the true answer is coming. But it can seem to take a long time without cooperation. Cooperate today. Let the negativity rise to the surface, pray for its release, and know a new day.


Dear God,

I would be rid of suffering and pain from my own negativity today, for all the future. Thank You for guiding me back home. Thank You for being You. Full of love, caring, peace. A wondrous Sight to behold.

Be with me as the suffering and pain subside. There is no reason to let minor problems escalate. Help me to get and keep a good attitude today. Attitude is everything.



5 thoughts on “Finally We Are Happy

  1. I see the way that people and events rise up to help me to remember who I am. Thank you for putting it into perspective for me this morning.

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