Ease of Living that Holy Grace Inspires

“There are many lesser conditions that are nonetheless extremely trans¬formative, such as the replacement of special relationship with the devotion of holy relationship that we have already spoken of. Another replacement is that of control with grace. This occurs as you give up the control you have but thought you exerted over your life and its circumstances, and live in a state of grace, meeting grace with grace by accepting what is given for your regeneration.” (ACOL, D:Day7.12)

Jesus is speaking here of the transformations that will occur as we move ever closer to an elevated Self of form, a form that is embodied by the inner Christ-Self, who is now running things. Our transformation will ultimately mean Christ-consciousness, sustained. No more trying to be in control of what happens in our lives, but simply being in a flow that Jesus here calls grace. Our relationships will be holy, in that we recognize that the specialness we saw in them was of the ego, and we would have this egoic emphasis no longer. Our lives will take on new meaning, as we live in grace and amid holiness with everyone surrounding us. Does this not sound very much akin to what has often been called heaven on earth?

If heaven on earth seems far from us, there are things that we can do to bring it closer. We can live with an equanimity that refuses to respond to attack with attack. Our angers can lessen, as we recognize that there is no reason to give in to anger and its attendant emotional charges that so debilitate us. The way back to God is not hard when we realize that we actually have never left His side. He is within us, living life through us. Would we not want to give God Himself a good day? Would we not want to give God Himself the means to live a good and fruitful life through us?

Grace is a very positive virtue. So is holy love. In this quotation for today, Jesus links the two, giving all of us something to think about that will be transformative in and of itself. Our mind and heart will fall in line with the ease of living that holy grace inspires. We do not need to struggle so. We do not need to fall into depressed moods, ruing our days. That way of living never gave us peace—never. Now we are encouraged to live a better way, putting into practice what we know to be true. We are asked to live in utmost commitment to the way of life and love that Jesus is here outlining.

If we put a new way of living and loving into practice, nothing will ever be the same. We will never be the same.


Dear God,

Thank You for easing any and all burdens by suggesting a way of life that is grace-filled and love-filled. I know that I will not always be superbly happy, but I also know that that is my aim. And the goal becomes closer as I live close to You. Your business with me transforms me and my day. Your love for me is palpable. Sensing Your love is a blessing that grant happiness in and of itself.

Be with me for the remainder of this glorious day. Be with me, to comfort, to give me solace, to lift my spirits very high, into Your arms. Knowing that You are constantly living through me is a very great bit of information that in and of itself takes me home to You.


1 thought on “Ease of Living that Holy Grace Inspires

  1. paynefulponderings

    I’ve been trying to explain to an atheist what makes Judaism, Islam, and Christianity different. This word right here – GRACE.
    Thank you for giving me the answer. Now praying for the next opportunity.


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