Welcome Something Better Now

“Obviously your relationship or access to union is of supreme importance, since all else will come of this. However, this is not an “if this, then that” situation even if it may seem so. Is the process of breathing an “if this, then that” situation, just because breathing sustains life? Your access to union sustains real life, the life of the Self, and will come to sustain the elevated Self of form in a way as natural to you as breathing.” (ACOL, D:D7.14)

Life ahead of us is going to get very good. We won’t have to struggle, we won’t have to miss the mark so much with our decisions. We will live naturally, as effortlessly as breathing, when we don’t think about it. The way to this way of living is not hard, because it is the easiest thing that we have ever done. It is possibly the only thing that we have ever done—to assent to union with God, our Higher Power, the One who lives in us and through us on a daily basis. Would we not give Him a good day every day?

We are going to have real life for the first time in eons, for the ego took us sideways to a harsh and artificial life that ruined our days more often than not. Real Life will have us thinking with a very positive slant. Though some difficult things may still happen, they won’t touch us the way they used to. The difficult things will hold a gift for us that is meant for our well being. And nothing will seem harsh or demanding in these gifts. The gifts will sustain us in a meaningful existence for the first time ever.

Choose union today. Choose to give our Maker His due. God is waiting. Our brothers and sisters are waiting as well. Remove the blocks to love’s awareness, remove all the attack, the anger, the harsh words, the resentments. All of these negative aspects of our mind can be safely left behind, for we are living with grace. God’s grace. And our days will follow one another with a smoothness that has heretofore eluded us entirely.

Give the gift of this day over to God. He knows how to live it. Ask for His advice, take the guidance that comes through intuition, and then be prepared, just now, to welcome the something better that we have always longed to have.


Dear God,

I thank You for the better attitude I had a couple of nights ago, when I awoke from a bad dream. I knew then that the anxiety that arose was false thinking, and I knew also that it would leave me if I just settled down. Thank You for the will I found to do just that. And last night there was no bad dream to mar a wonderful sleep.

Be with me as I seek to follow Your advice today. Your advice will keep bad dreams away in the daytime and the nighttime. Thank You for leading me so faithfully, always.



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