Live in the Present

“The condition of the time of acceptance that will most clearly reveal to you your status in regard to maintaining or sustaining your access to union will be that of the replacement of doubt with certainty. Certainty is a condi¬tion of the present. Realize you may say you are certain of the future or the past but that you cannot make it so. Thus your ability to maintain and then sustain your access to union and thus your certainty, goes hand-in-hand with your ability to live in the present. This ability is also contingent upon your recognition of what certainty really is.” (ACOL, D:Day7.20)

Jesus is here right in line with many others who have said that to live in the present is the very best way imaginable. We often can’t make it, though, having minds that flit about, obsessing over the past with things that can’t be changed, and worrying about an unknown future that isn’t here yet.

How much trouble we make for ourselves by living this way! If we focus with intensity on the present, we bring our best resources to that present. And then the past will fade away, and we will also be in a much better position to face the future with any and all problems that it may contain. When we bring our best to the present, we are focused. This makes for good decision-making, and also for less likelihood that the things we worry about for the future will actually come true.

We have it in us to focus on the present. Let’s give it a go. Better things come to an undivided mind, a full heart. Listen to our intuition today, as we live in the present. If we find our thoughts straying to past or future, don’t judge ourselves, but just gently bring those thoughts back to the present.

And ask for an intuitive thought that will make the day go smoothly. Today and every day, more and more intuitive thoughts, so that intuition becomes the way that we welcome the new day.


Dear God,

I am going to make a concerted effort to live in the present today. And today is the first time of the rest of my life. So I hope to make my new direction, a habit. Be with me to guide my thoughts to a higher level. Be with me always, even when I am thinking of other, often secular, things.

Thank You for guiding me when I didn’t know that I was being guided. Lead me to the certainty that only union with You and all of my brothers and sisters can give. Lead me to union with the Christ-Self, the ego gone forever.


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