Miracle of Ordinary Life Transformed into Extraordinary Life

“If you can’t remove yourself from life, what choice have you but to join with it? Love it. Love yourself. Love yourself enough to accept yourself. Love will transform normal, ordinary, life into extraordinary life. Loving exactly who you are and where you are in every moment is what will cause the transformation that will end your desire to remove yourself from life. All those frustrations you currently feel have a purpose: To move you through them and beyond them—to acceptance.” (ACOL, D:Day8.2)

What a glorious promise—that ordinary life will be transformed into extraordinary life! Previously Jesus has said that the lives that we ordinary people live will attract others to what we have found, ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

And again Jesus asks us to accept, with our mind and heart, of course. The way I like to say this is to say, “Be willing to have it so.” If we are willing to have it so, we cease fighting with life. We don’t overlook things that we want to change, but we do abide in the present if things remain pretty much the same. We don’t get in a royal funk because life is not handing us the goodies on a silver platter.

We abide where we are, with the full understanding that we currently have. We realize that we have the tools for a better life; we don’t have to keep struggling. The way back to God is easy in the extreme. It is ourselves and our lamented egoic consciousness that has made the easiest thing in the world, the hardest.

Let’s live our extraordinary lives today. This doesn’t mean that we do anything particular that is different, but we do, do “it” with a different attitude. And this attitude is acceptance, being willing to have it so. When we are no longer fighting life, we find that we are handed a new life on a silver platter.


Dear God,

Thank You for making clear what You are asking of me. Thank You for giving me the equanimity to live peacefully with what presents itself in front of me. This grace comes easily when I pray. And I do pray now—for Your peace, Your guidance, Your good will toward me. I realize that I don’t have to prepare myself to pray to You, just as I don’t have to prepare to have a holy instant. And all instants have the potential to be holy, when I am in right relationship to You. That right relationship is the grace to accept myself just as I am, just as You accept me.

Thank You for helping me to accept the present just as it is.



3 thoughts on “Miracle of Ordinary Life Transformed into Extraordinary Life

  1. I’m going to share a little miraculous in the mundane secret with you, that our Creator consistently provides me – because He knows it gives me such amazing joy. Every time I ask our Lord, in Jesus name to please erase the chemtrails with His finger, since it is a man-made monstrosity that takes away from the Glory of His cloud creation — He does it. No Joke. Hallelujah!

  2. Life is a precious gift from the creator of life. God is the creator of all life. Thank you Celia. God bless you. We live in a time where some people don’t understand the power of God. Many say they know him, but their actions prove otherwise. Keep up the good work.

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