Come before God with No Mask

“Now you may have been thinking—again, at least subconsciously—that your “real” Self has no feelings of dislike, and in this confusion have been “trying” and even “struggling” to accept what you do not like in order to be more true to an ideal self. Yet this ideal self is not the self you are right now. You cannot accept only an ideal self. This is nonsense. Can you not see this?” (ACOL, D:Day8.7)

When Jesus says that we cannot accept only an “ideal” self, one that we aren’t right now, he is telling us that we cannot accept a persona. And a persona has been what we are used to, what we have been presenting to the world throughout our whole lives. And it was always wrong. First, we formed our false persona by accenting to what our growing ego told us. And we suffered, for we had highs and lows, every high followed by a low of the same intensity. Our egos were always being undone, for they were not the real Self, the Christ-Self, who wanted to come out and live a little. Our false personas thus did us a great disservice, giving us a false face to present to the world, and dragging us down at the same time. We were never given anything of ours to hold for all eternity. Our joys, our flights of happiness, always had a down side. They did not present the real Self.

When Jesus tells us to accept ourselves as we really are, to be who we are really, he is saying to come before our God with no mask. He means the same for our presentation to our brothers and sisters. We don’t try to be something that we think is somehow “better.” We just go with the flow of our lives, and, without the ego (now), we offer a true likeness of ourselves to others. “Be who we really are” means just that.

If we persist in trying to be something that we aren’t, some “ideal” that we aren’t, we will be lost to our real being. We need to realize that what we are is “good enough,” that we don’t make ourselves over to have a holy instant. These changes used to be the doing of the Holy Spirit; now Jesus says that it is just the Self, a part of God, who directs us and directs our changes over time.

What a great blessing it is to realize that we don’t have to make ourselves over into something that we aren’t. Change, prompted by the real Self, will direct our transformation to something better than a superficial “ideal.” Our transformation will allow the true Self to shine forth.


Dear God,

It is only an old pattern that would have me try to be something that I am not. Help me to be accepting of the self who is changing, under the guidance of my real Self, to something worthy of You. Help me to give up false notions of what is a good and presentable image. Let me become what You would have me become—nothing more and nothing different.

Thank You for granting me new life today. I am stepping out from under a cloud when I allow my true Self to show. Help that true Self to be worthy of You.



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