Real Scoop on Anger

“If anger arises in you now, it does not mean that you will react in what¬ever way anger once called you to react and it does not mean that something is wrong with you or that you are not spiritual enough! It simply means that you are involved in a situation or relationship that has called forth that feeling. It is in the expression of that feeling that who you are is revealed, not in the feeling itself. The feeling is provided by the body, a helpmate now in your service as a route to true expression.” (ACOL, D:Day8.22)

Jesus here says that it is our expression of the feeling of anger that might be a problem, far more than the feeling of anger itself. He has told us, though, in A Course in Miracles that there is no justification for anger. There is no justification for anger because when our brothers and sisters, and ourselves, react to the feeling of anger we are acting in insanity. We are not seeing the innocence in children of God, and we might also conclude that we are blaming the person who felt anger.

Let us look to the expression of anger or rage as the real problem here. There is no reason that we need to react poorly, for our brothers and sisters are doing the best that they can at any given time, given their state of understanding. No one does what he/she thinks has no justification. But we are still very prone to attack back, when we are attacked. The fact that all of this is happening in illusion is often lost on us.

If we just say to ourselves, in the midst of poor behavior, this is just insanity, madness, then we will have a more efficacious basis on which to forgive. And it is just insanity or madness when a brother or sister screams at us in rage. There is no other way to describe what is happening.

So: Jesus says that it is not our feeling of anger toward a brother or sister that is the real error; it is how we might choose to express that feeling. If we choose to attack, we have made false assumptions, and we will be hurt in return.


Dear God,

When I have walked the whole pathway, I know that my responses will be of love, even when faced with an angry brother or sister. I can choose the same reaction now, while on the pathway. Give me the fortitude to turn from attack, even verbal, and to choose the least escalating response.

Be with me throughout the day. I have the best day when I sense Your presence in my life. I am adrift when I am so overwrought that You seem far away.


4 Replies to “Real Scoop on Anger”

  1. What about showing empathy to those who are angry? We don’t know what they are suffering and if we see anger as an attack we are not responding in love, that is my understanding of A Course in Miracles take on anger, after all Jesus got very angry in the temple when it was being transgressed.

  2. Thanks Celia for giving me a chance to read your posts. Really inspiring and guiding us to live a life peacefully. Happy to be connected with you 😊😊

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