We Are Alright Just as We Are

“Non-acceptance in any form is separating.

“The very idea of potential, you may recall, is a product of the ego thought system that would keep your true Self hidden. You are used to hiding the self of the past about whom you are not well pleased, and you are used to hiding the self of potential, the future self you think you can only dream of being. The ego-self was the self you felt safe presenting to the world, the self you believed the world would find acceptable. If you are still presenting this self, you are still in a state of non-acceptance and whatever peace you are feeling will not last. Whatever access to unity you have experienced will not last because you will not be choosing the time of acceptance.” (ACOL, D:Day8.25 – Day8.26)

Here we see, once again, how devastating the ego was to our peace of mind. When we identified with the ego, we didn’t like the persona that we had; it might even said that we hated ourselves and that persona, because we could never think that we were “good” enough. We looked to a future time, our persona of potential, a potential self whom we would become and like better. But this would be an ideal self, and that is an idol.

We need to just accept who we are, though always asking (and receiving) forgiveness for our many mistakes. Our true Self absolves us of blame, and so there can be no guilt that would keep us in hell. We need to be who we really are, just be ourselves. We are good enough. Not perfect. But OK. And we will improve, over time, when we align ourselves, evermore, with our Creator. He is deep within us, as He is in all creation. He lives through us. We are not separate and apart, in a supplicating fashion with Him. We are bringing out the best that we have within us when we bring out the Christ-Self. This Christ-Self will heal all wombs, easy all troubles, get us back on the right track.

We are innocent, as anything bad that we did was done in illusion, egoic illusion. And now we know better. If we slip and fall, God will lift us up.

That is what He always does.


Dear God,

Please take away all vestiges in me of a desire to be other than who I am. Please take away any desire to more “perfect” in Your sight. You don’t require perfection now, because Jesus stands at the end of the pathway to correct all errors that we could not correct. Our subconscious minds will gradually be brought to the surface of the mind, and, with our heart leading the way, we will be healed.

Thank You for the insights that seemed especially providential in the last couple of days. May I be with my significant other and my friends, a comfort to them as You are a comfort to me.



One thought on “We Are Alright Just as We Are

  1. This is an essential read for me, this morning. I know and feel the Love of God, even in the face of some very powerful criticism that is still being sent my way. From a Baha’i perspective, God is Pure Love, expecting us to cast aside our animal nature and to embrace the power of the Spirit, much as you outline, in this wonderful blog.

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