Be with Our Feelings Today

“Realize how freeing it will be to not go through the gyrations of attempting to figure out “how to” reach acceptance of what you do not like! How freeing it will be to realize you have no need to do this! How freeing it will be to accept all of your feelings and not to puzzle over which are true and which are false! To realize that you no longer have false feelings. That your feelings are not misleading you but supporting you! That they are but calling you to expression of your true Self! To true representation of who you are—who you are now!

“Remove all thinking that says that you can err in following your feel¬ings. This is the thinking of the old thought system, not the new.” (ACOL, D:Day8.28 – 8.29)

If we can believe what is being said here, surely it must mean that our feelings have been purified now that we are nearing the end of A Course of Love. Otherwise, these words would make no sense, as many vile and hostile actions have come to the world from people who were following their feelings. So we must use some discernment in considering these words. We must be sure that we are living in love, not anger, joy, not rancor.

We can accept our feelings as true and good when we have walked a while on the pathway back to God. And this is where Jesus finds us in this quotation for today. When we are being who we truly are, now, we are being someone who does not knowingly harm another, and we are being someone who seeks to redress a wrong, once it is perceived. This is very different from the person we were before we accepted the teaching of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. We are simply at a different place now.

Be with our feelings today. Be with who we truly are, accepting ourselves, but also accepting change when it comes. Our intuition, our guidance, will save us now.


Dear God,

Be with me today as I seek to live a happy life, a life that You choose for me. Help me to turn aside from meaningless wrangles, from those things which disturb my peace to no good purpose. May everyone I encounter today be peaceful, and if someone is not peaceful, may I lend my peace to that someone.

Thank You for our dialogue this morning. I wrote for a while, and then I imagined, in the silence, what You might say to me. And peace descended. Help me to remember this easy solution to all difficulty.


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