May God Enfold Us in His Arms

“As was said earlier, all of your images are false images. Isn’t it possible that none are more false than this image of an ideal self? Not having false idols is an ancient commandment. An ideal image is an idol. It is symbolic rather than real. It has form only within your mind and has no substance. To work toward, or to have as a goal, the achievement of an ideal image is to have created a false god.” (ACOL, D:Day9.11)

We still think that we are not good enough. Even as we sit in meditation, attuned to God, we think that only if we could be better somehow, maybe we would feel justified in His sight.

Give up these useless ideas! Jesus is telling us that we are trying to be something that we are not, and this something that we are not is an “ideal” self, a false idol. God accepts us just as we are. Cannot we do the same? Is that so very hard?

It actually may seem very hard, but it is not. We have an embedded idea of what persona we want to present to the world, and this persona is often our ideal self. Sometimes, of course, we just want people to accept us exactly as we are, and this desire is fuel for the best solution: Be who we are. Even if there are things about us, characteristics, that we think are undesirable, they do not change us in God’s sight. He knows the real Self, deep within us, who has longed to come out for a very, very long time.

Spend some time just concentrating on accepting ourselves, just as we are. When we accept ourselves, it won’t be so hard to realize that others can and will do the same. That God does the same. That Jesus does the same. Our mistakes can be rectified, and can thereby be overlooked. If restitution is important, we will know that—though we can get ourselves very tangled up when we are in a judgmental frame of mind. Drop all judgments, and come with wholly empty hands to God our Father (from A Course in Miracles). He will show us how to accept ourselves just as we are.

Engage in a dialogue with God today, on paper or in our mind/heart. The way back is not hard. I keep saying that in this blog. But it is true. We just need to drop all pretense of what we think we “ought” to be, and just allow God to enfold us in His Arms. He will make right all that seems wrong. He will meet us at the gate of our home.

Dear God,

Be with me today, as I seek to know that what I am is really alright in Your sight.

Thank You for the answer to this heartfelt prayer.


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