Draw Light to Ourselves

“This pattern will be easily replaced, however, as your acceptance of yourself as you are, the real challenge of this time, begins to grow and to build your confidence. Unity and your access to unity will be your certainty. Trust in your own abilities—the abilities of the self of form joined with the Self of union—will be your confidence. Only these combined abilities will release your power.” (ACOL, D:Day9.33)

When we are unified as an individual, really unified, we are joined with a higher self who has been unknown to us until now. In A Course of Love, this higher self is called the Christ-Self, when this Self is perceived as within us, and it is called the Self of union, when this Self is perceived as somewhat beyond us, but still joined. The joy that can be our when in unity is something that most of us have known in fleeting moments—until now.

Now we can call our higher self to us whenever we would like, and be reassured that we are getting guidance that is true and good. One way to do this, as outlined by Sanaya Roman, is by using the imagination to call light to ourselves. This imaginative action will often reap amazing benefits the first time it is tried, and sooner or later it is always successful. Sanaya, speaking for Oren, says that light is conscious, and that this consciousness can and will help us. These terms are not, however, used as such in A Course of Love, but we might benefit from opening our minds and hearts to the guidance of others as well as to the guidance of Jesus. He won’t mind.

Calling light to ourselves can be enormously empowering. We want to join with our higher Self, the Christ-Self and the Self of union (called by Jesus in ACOL), and if we can imagine that calling light to ourselves works wonders, then indeed wonders often ensue. Be gentle with ourselves as we play with light. Adopt an attitude of trusting awareness, awareness that light is of God, that we cannot engineer it of ourselves, and it is both playful and energizing. A few moments spent in the sunlight of early morning will be enough to convince us of this. We will feel better immediately.

We want our power to be released. These techniques will work, when they are worked. Adopt an open mind and heart, and see if our experiences of being a unified entity don’t increase exponentially.

Dear God,

Thank You for the sunlight that I enjoyed this morning on my sun/screen porch. I was immediately bathed by Your warmth and my mood became ever more joyous. Light is one of Your gifts, and it behooves me to thank You for the experience of enjoying its beneficial characteristics.

Be with me today, to life my mood when it should ever drop. Be with me to give me Your power, so that I might do the things in life that You would ask of me.



2 thoughts on “Draw Light to Ourselves

  1. That…is simply amazing! I simply have laugh a light hearted laugh in realizing, just now, that spirit hears me…and spirit responds to my heart felt desire to be healed and to heal others by that.

    Lately, I’ve been inspired to do Reiki on the water I drink. I’d not taken my Reiki practice very seriously for a very long time, but lately – spirit calls me to do one simple thing every day. I am asked to bless the water I drink.

    As I fill my buh buh cup (all 1.5 liters of it because I only wanna do this once, for I really can be THAT indolent), I think about my blessing. What IS it that I need an want most to heal? After my cup is filled from the filtered fridge tap, the lid and flexie straw is firmly placed. I go out side in the back yard to be in view of the rising light of morning, and I place both hands about my big buh buh cup. I close my eyes and imagine blessings energy radiating from my heart, to my hands and into this water. I do not use the word, “love” as so many people would have me intone. I have life, and by that a I have love. My mind can not hold Love steady, for life, to me…is just too big for something more immediately perceived fully. Instead, I repeat simple words that make love and life easier. I repeat over and over, “Unity, oneness, integrity, congruency, self love, self respect, self esteem…”

    I’ve done that for two days now. And look where spirit lead me! Here!

    Thank you.

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