Depend upon God — Not upon Our Fragile Self

“See you now why the certainty of union must be combined with the confidence of the self of form? Certainty is knowing that this power exists. Confidence is the expression of your reliance upon it. To rely on your own power is to rely on the connection that exists between the self of form and the Self of union and to, through this reliance, tie the two together so that there is no seam, no boundary, no remaining separation.” (ACOL, D:Day10.2)

We are heading into a new time for us, a time in which the higher self is merged with our physical self, what is here called the self of form. The higher self is here called the Self of union, and in this joining with are merged with the Universe, with God Himself, with the All, the One. Can we understand what this means? Do we want it?

Even in our limited state here on earth, in this world, we know that we want to have the power to be who we really are. And without an ego, we may be at loose ends for a while. This, as Jesus said earlier, is not a state to be prolonged, for if we don’t form a new identity, we will likely form a new ego, and the lamentable process would start all over again. This we don’t want. This we just can’t allow.

How do we form a new identity? We don’t depend upon our fragile selves alone. We know that we are hindered by finiteness, but God is not, and we are a part of God—with Him being deep within us. Turn to God, therefore, and ask that this new identity of Self be established, and established firmly, for of such will come a newly created world. This newly created world we will establish, the next step in our evolution to the elevated Self of form. We will be One with God, and we will know it—for the first time. We will be at home in all the universe.

A new identity is what Jesus is planning for us now. The final pages of A Course of Love tell us exactly how this new identity is to develop. We are merging our form with our unseen Self, and in this change will come all things good.

Dear God,

Help me to form this new identity that I need so desperately. Help me know how to keep the ego in remission, for many exist who have formed a new ego on the ashes of the old. I would not do this. I would stay close to You always, my Protector and Defender.

Thank You for abiding with me through the night. Thank You for traveling with me through this day. And may I never forget You. Please, You, don’t forget me.



3 thoughts on “Depend upon God — Not upon Our Fragile Self

  1. I really appreciate what is said here, so please believe me when I say I am not trying to make an excuse to keep re-forming a new ego identity. My main aim by saying what I will say is to acknowledge the challenge our ego presents…and the degree of our tremendous strength of spirit gained as we succeed in overcoming fear.

    Here is what I contend with of what I know of my ego. It is a hard wired physiological aspect of the human being charged with our physical survival. In all things ego, it ever is just a survival mechanism for the life of the body. I believe spirit, soul…Jesus and God know this well, and if any of these ask us to forgo our ego, then we are in complete faith – utter faith. And so this in hand, the mustard seed crumbles the mountain. “Faith is as a mustard seed.”

    To ask a human to give up her or his ego is to say, “God…I accept I may die (Physically) in response to another that took my job away and I am on the streets and haven’t eaten in 2 weeks – and I steel water from peoples’ hoses…but I am whole – here I am.” And there is grace in this. As an observer of this same soul in a human body, if I were to help and would let go my ego, I would respond…”God, I see this soul…this homeless man (or woman), and I would help…It does not matter if she (he) kills me or robs me blind in the night as I take Him (her) into my home and offer shelter, food, water and clothing; love and support, for I am whole – I am here.”

    And Christ – He exemplified this – “God, I am whole, and I am here” as Pilot gave his fate to the Jewish people who chose a Murderer to be released while Christ followed his faith and spirit to martyr for the souls of all people.

    I hear you. I believe you. And I truly understand the darkest aspect of human nature (which is not ego…it is fear, and ego responds to that…innovates very many creatively unique and interesting responses to fear), and it is right there next to soul and spirit…Christ and God in this body we animate to evolve and ascend to greater then just this body. And I pray for what is presented here in the words written to inspire our great need, for humanity has suffered enough with the ego and fear.

    Overcoming our fear is monumental…infinitely (Infinity) better than what humans have done to ourselves in eons past by our fear in the hands of an ego. I pray for this much needed ascension – when we rise up beyond fear in wholeness…where we are – here and together as one in our own individual wholeness were physical self and spiritual self are seamlessly one and finally visibly and in complete awareness of the light of Creation.

    Amen…and thank you for this deeply rich inspiration you presented. It gave me hope, and it renewed my faith in the work we need to do to make this all happen.

    Peace and love in spirit.

    Ray of Helios

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