Confidence in Our Feelings Will Lead Us Home

“Confidence in your feelings will lead to confidence in your Self. While you think it is your access to unity that will be the more difficult to achieve and sustain, this will not be the case for most of you, for the simple reason that the certainty that comes from union will seem to come, at least initially, from a place other than the self. Because certainty seems to come from a place “other than” or beyond the self of form, you will instinctively have greater trust in it. You will believe it comes from a place “other than” or beyond the self of form because it comes in the form of certainty.” (ACOL, D:Day10.6)

We all want to have a good relationship to our feelings, and feelings are the precipitating force behind guidance. If we would act on what we feel, we would get along a lot better. Of course, this does not mean acting on hostile and aggressive feelings, for these are of a lower nature than what we are trying to achieve. Our dependence on our feelings to lead us through a good day will give us the certainty that we have lacked heretofore. We must not make ourselves wrong in our feelings. We must not chastise ourselves if we feel that we are not living up to some supposed “ideal.” This ideal is a false idol, as I have discussed in this blog before. Our feelings will not lead us wrong, if we keep our eyes on the prize of God, our Self, and our friend, Jesus.

We are used to looking outside ourselves for certainty. When we read something or feel something that seems a bit beyond what we can tell ourselves, we think, “Ah, that is right; that has the ring of truth.” But we need to learn to depend on our Self, the Christ-Self from within. This Self has learned much in our time with A Course of Love, and the principal thing that it has learned is reliance upon an Authority that is deep within, God Himself. This Authority will never, never, let us down. If we pray enough, we will know this. And all of our nebulous plans to achieve more, or to do more, or to be more, will be lost as dross that has no meaning.

We are alright just as we are. Our imperfections will be cleansed by Jesus himself, for he says that he will take care of any imperfections that we have been unable to rid ourselves of. As our subconscious mind comes to the surface to be cleansed, we are, at last, freed. The way back is assured. Life is good.

Dear God,

Be with me today as I seek to find the blueprint for my life ahead. I ask often; help me to listen well.

Thank You for being with me always and forever. The way back to You is assured. May I remain confident of this.


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