Listen to God in the Silence

“Remember that you have been told since the beginning of A Course of Love that the answers that you seek lie within, and that their source is your own true identity. You have been told since the beginning of this Course that this is the time of the second coming of Christ. What we have just discussed is what both of these statements mean. This is the culmination point of these two great objectives coming together in you and your brothers and sisters.” (ACOL, D:Day10.22)

Here we learn that the answers lie within, and within is where God is (though Jesus does not say this at this point in A Course of Love). The idea of our identity being within, and the time of Christ being now, are actually linked. We have moved beyond the need for an intermediary for God; previously, the Holy Spirit was our Link, and He was needed because we were afraid of God, afraid of direct contact with Him.

We have now learned enough to know that we have absolutely no reason to be anxious about our reaching out to God. We can believe that He talks to us in silence, soothing our ruffled feathers, easing our mind and heart. The Christ-Self, part of God Himself, is the Source for our identity, and also the Source of guidance. We are well-supported in our lives. And this is something that we have not always known.

I think of my fear—and I don’t mean “fear” in a good sense—when I was growing up. Most of us thought of God as a sort of celestial Santa Claus Who was watching our every move, ready to punish us if we faltered. How wrong we were! Our children will know better, for we will teach them the new guidance from Jesus in A Course in Miracles and ACOL (also other writings such as The Way of Mastery). Many of us carried a little of this abnormal fear into our adult years. But now we too know better. It is a much better place that we occupy now.

Jesus never says in any of his channeled writings that he will return in physical form to the earth. I suppose that that way is left open. So what he is here saying by the “second coming of Christ” is our own assumption of the Christ spirit, our new identity. Jesus holds out many such promises to us. It behooves us to listen, in the silence, to God, to see what our next steps ought to be.

Dear God,

Keep me close today. The day began easily and peacefully, and I hope that it ends that way also. You wish it for me. It is only my own failings that give me less than a good day.

May my attitude toward You be healed if there is anything amiss. Be with me as I seek to discover how to live well.


One Reply to “Listen to God in the Silence”

  1. I admire Christ due to his saying that(may be his last words) Forgive them who harm and want to kill you because they dont know what they are doing! 🙂 Good times to you. Happy Blogging! – Love from India. 🙂

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