We Are One in Being

“I am not imparting wisdom that you are unaware of but reminding you of what you have forgotten. I am not having a monologue, but we are having a dialogue in which you are a full participant. As much of what you read in these dialogues comes from your own heart and those of your brothers and sisters in Christ as it does from me. It comes, in truth, from our union, from the consciousness we share. This shared consciousness is the source of wisdom because it is shared—shared in unity and relationship.” (ACOL, D:Day10.24)

We are One in shared consciousness with Jesus and with all our brothers and sisters; we are in union in this consciousness. This is part of the theology of A Course of Love. Because we are all One in God, we share our identities. We are differentiated into the many, and therefore have relationship one to the other, but because we emerge from the One, God himself, we are in unity with the Whole. This is what Jesus uses the pivotal words, “unity and relationship,” so often in ACOL.

Jesus is also telling us that in a part of our mind that we cannot easily access, we are remembering what he is telling us. We aren’t, after all, learning or discovering new knowledge. The knowledge that we are coming to understand has always been a part of us. It was just so covered over with egoic misrepresentation that we could no longer comprehend. We need to move backward in time to a point beyond memory to get glimmerings of this knowledge. History is a retracing of our steps, as Jesus said in A Course in Miracles. We stand at the end of a long carpet that is being rolled back up.

If we realize that we are really One, a unity with All, we will realize that it is insanity to think that we are solitary, alone, friendless, and isolated. There is no reason, no reason at all, to try to lead autonomous lives. There is no reason to seek to be independent (whatever that means). We are in a world with many others for a reason. We are meant to reach out and help one another. The idea that this is not “adult” or “mature” enough for grown-up living is a lie of the ego.

So: Reach out to our brothers and sisters today. Know that in the reaching, the finding, we are led home to God again. When we help another, we are led home. When we love, especially when we love, we are led home.

The benefits of shared, joint living are enormous. How could we have not recognized it all these years?

Dear God,

Thank You for showing me that to an independent, isolated being is not the same as being mature. We don’t have to stand alone. We never had to do so. We simply misunderstood what real living in this world was all about.

Be with me today. Help me to reach out to others in my circle. Let us help one another, and in the doing of this, we will abundantly help ourselves.


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