Future Is Bright when We Dream

“My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, turn your thoughts not to ideals of social activism, to causes, or to championing any one side over another. Turn not to your thoughts but to your feelings and go where they lead. And everywhere they lead you, remember one thing only. Remember to embrace your power. The power of love is the cause and effect that will change the world by returning you, and all your brothers and sisters, to who they are in truth. This cannot be done from without but must be done from within. It is the transformation that is caused within that will affect the world without.” (ACOL, D:Day10.33)

Jesus is saying that we have to change first, before we can change/create a new world. And this is hard to hear, because it is hard (we think) to change. Actually it is the easiest thing in the world, once the fear and judgment have been taken out of it. And we are fast doing that. We are taking real and quick steps to a new Self, an elevated Self, in form, that will give us a new life entirely. The future looks bright when we let ourselves dream.

We will own our power when we have made this transformation real. Power is a term about which we may feel somewhat ambiguous, for power, of the ego, has done many bad things in this world. In interpersonal relationships, power has been used to manipulate. But power has a good side, too. And it is this good side that we will use in forming a new identity. Stay with me a bit, and imagine a power that is good and holy. Power like a Being such as God employs. Power that is a good that we can employ.

The way back is not hard, as I have said repeatedly. It may take patience, for God’s timing is not ours. And He does know best. An omniscient Being knows what we, in our limitedness, cannot see. We lose out when we don’t count God in the bargain. He is right there, inside of us, pulling for us. He means well.

Do we really believe that God means well? If we don’t, our god concept needs to be changed. And this is happening to us, almost against our will sometimes. The way back is marked by beautiful flowers on each side of the pathway, and their scent follows us the whole way.

Dear God,

Thank You for surprising me today with Your benevolence. Something that I thought You were saying “no” to has suddenly become a glorious “yes.” I concluded too soon that my request was going awry. Thank You for guiding me through the maze of refusal to a beginning that is, oh, so promising.

I love regardless. I made the decision that I would expand my love of You even in disappointment. It was a good exercise for the soul. Thank You for guiding me through it.


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