Intuitive Awareness

“Christ-consciousness is the awareness of existence through relationship. It is not God. It is not man. It is the relationship that allows the awareness that God is everything. It has been called wisdom, Sophia, spirit. It is that without which God would not know God. It is that which differentiates all from nothing. Because it is that which differentiates, it is that which has taken form as well as that from which form arose. It is the expression of oneness in relationship with Its Self.” (ACOL, D:Day11.7)

Here is more theology, but theology can be a big help to us as we move toward Christ-consciousness. Christ-consciousness is consciousness, and thus “awareness,” and in reaching this pinnacle we come into our own. I like the term “Sophia,” something that I first heard years ago and found enticing. We might also think of “spirit,” for spirit is what is real, the only thing that truly is real in the universes that exist. Spirit can be anywhere at any time, and this is how Jesus can come through so many channels while keeping his sanity. His genius is such that he can focus his consciousness at multiple points simultaneously.

Without Christ-consciousness, we hear here that God would not even know God. This is because relationship allows Him to know more than the One, undifferentiated Whole could know. We come to know ourselves, also, in relationship to our peers and our significant others. In this way God is no different. Keep in mind that we are just a part of God, though a limited part, in that we are finite creatures, children of the Deity.

We do have form in this world, physical form, and though some of us believe that this is still an illusion, others of us believe that form is real. We do not have to get distracted by differences of opinion, for nobody really knows. Nobody. Nobody on this earth can know; our limitedness is just too gigantic.

But we can have mystical intuition, and it is this mystical intuition that will ultimately save us. It is how we intuit the Whole, God Himself. It is the way back. It is the only way back. God does not offer “proofs” of His existence, and only when we open to our mystical nature do we sense that He is real, and very real indeed. Keep this in mind as we consider the last few sections of A Course of Love. Realizing mystical leanings will offer footing for the more ethereal matters that Jesus will discuss in upcoming passages.

Dear God,

I ask to sense Your Presence with a mystical intuition today. And I ask to be guided. Always I ask to be guided. I do know, with a real knowing, that You do guide me. When I ask advice, shortly thereafter I find an Answer, and I really do believe that that Answer is from You.

Be with me today, once again. Keep me harmonious and easy with those in my circle. Guide my writing. Never let me mislead.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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