We Are Safe

“Imagine the air around you being visible and your form an invisible space within the visible surroundings. This is the reality of Christ-consciousness. Consciousness may seem to be embodied by form but the reverse is true and has always been true. The body is now ready to know that it is embodied, enclosed, surrounded, taken up, by consciousness. It is your feelings that now will be the sense organs of this spaciousness. Not feelings of sight or sound, smell or touch, but feelings of love of Self. Feelings of love of Self are now what hold open the space of the Self, allowing the space to be.” (ACOL, D:Day12.2)

We need to love ourselves, for if we don’t, it is impossible to love others. Oh, we may think that we do, but it is likely a false love, for we don’t understand intimately what love really is until we have accepted, and, yes, loved ourselves. Keep in mind that this is not an egoic love, a love of pride in ourselves, but a settled, good harmony with the cosmos, an acceptance of ourselves just as we are—knowing that it is always and forever, enough.

Consciousness surrounds us, but this is not something scientists can measure. The whole universe(s) is filled with the energy of God; the whole place entirely. I think that eventually scientists will find a way to sense this Energy, but until they do, we are on our own. It is up to our intuition, in a mystical sense, to truly feel God in this consciousness. That is our “proof” of God, the knowing that comes when we realize that the One is truly there, the All is not empty space.

I would know the reality of Christ-consciousness today. If I am not ready for this blessing, I would ask for a glimpse, just a glimpse, that will enthrall me and make me One with God. This is in His will, I think. It is also His will that we move in the direction of Awakening, that we move swiftly in this direction. I would do that today.

No fears, no judgments. These are the great forbiddens. And I would drop those emotions/thoughts from my group of accepted ideas. I would take unto myself only those ideas that mesh with God.

Thanks be to the God Who lives through me. His Consciousness enfolds me with warmth, and I am safe for another day.

Dear God,

I would sense Your warmth today. I have actually already sensed Your warmth this morning, and so I know that You are here, waiting for me to open up. Keep my heart open to You. Keep me abiding in Your Presence.

Thank You for the blessings that assure me of Your love. Not that I have to have these “blessings” to love you back. But these blessings are Your way of showing me love, that You know I have earthly needs, and that You are eager to address them.

Thank You for being here for me, always and forever.



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