True Reality Blesses

“All obstacles of form are only real in the world of form, a world that is perceived rather than known. Christ-consciousness replaces perception with knowing, form with space.” (ACOL, D:Day12.7)

In the passages surrounding these, Jesus indicates that we encounter obstacles in the world of form, but that these obstacles—individuals who wish to do us harm—are real only in our perceptions, which means that these obstacles are actually illusory. I believe that all perception is illusory, though some faithful readers of A Course of Love feel differently, believing that once we have passed beyond the ego, we are seeing true reality. This difference of opinion should not divide us; the basic values of ACOL are perennial indeed.

If we are confronted by someone who seems to want to do us harm, we can enfold that individual (Jesus says), so that love embraces him/her, and the harm that would be done is no more. It doesn’t mean that we won’t be harmed bodily; it means that we won’t be harmed psychically. Our true reality will not be affected by obstacles of form. We will simply convert that form to space.

These theological concepts are difficult to grasp, and reading the entire section in Day 12 of the Dialogues of ACOL will help more than my words. Be assured that any interpretation that has us harmed is a false interpretation. True reality only blesses. No harm.

When we are Christ-conscious, we know these things with an interior knowing that just won’t let up. We grasp complex theological statements with a willingness to understand, a willingness that frees us to let our intuitive guidance interpret for us. Intuition is the feeling that will serve us best now. And feeling, from the heart, will inform the mind so that the mind itself is freed to live for another day of joy and happiness.

Our mind needs to lighten up. It is the heart that will tell our mind how to do just that. And our encounters with others, encounters that might have derailed us previously, will hold a miracle that frees us, as well as our brothers and sisters who might seek to do us harm.

Dear God,

I want to feel safe today, untouched by malice of anybody. I know that I can do this, for it is not Your will for anybody to suffer under the influence of fearful thoughts.

Thank You for guiding me to a glorious beginning to this day. May I turn aside any fearful thought by the assurance that You are always there, and You always care to free me of fearful imaginings.



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