Our Love Is the Love of God

“The love that is found in the relationships of the one Self with the many is the love of God. There is no other love. God’s love is constantly being given, received, and felt in relationship. God’s love is your love. Your love is the love of God. God is love.

“Thus is explained the relationships and the forms emptied of love. Where there is no love there is no God present. Where there is no love there is a lack of godliness or what you have defined as evil. A complete lack of love creates formidable obstacles, or in other words, obstacles of solid form that contain no spaciousness. Solid form is actually a void, a substance devoid of spacious-ness, a form that is form only. These forms are still encompassed by the loving space of Christ-consciousness and thus are easily rendered ineffective.” (ACOL, D:Day13.4 – Day13.5)

We are completely surrounded and taken up with the love of God—when we allow it. If love is not present, Jesus explains in theology unique to A Course of Love that this solid form resulting needs to be taken up by the “loving space of Christ-consciousness” and thus “easily rendered ineffective.” This is how, in ACOL terms, evil is overcome with love.

We do not, therefore, have to retain our fears about the nature of evil. Love always overcomes the lack of love, or the evil that some individuals still insist on maintaining. If we are ourselves truly “right with the Lord,” we have nothing to fear from the machinations of those who don’t follow the way of Heaven. The way of God. No harm is ultimately done at all. This follows the injunctions of A Course in Miracles, in which all of us are seen as innocent. Our misdeeds have been done in illusion, and thus have no meaning apart from the illusion of reality in which we find ourselves.

True reality—the experience of love and its characteristics of harmony, peace, joy—comes to us when we have finally put aside our fear and judgment and let God Himself transform our being into a being of light, a Christ-conscious being who walks this earth with good will toward all. Even the most “evil” appearing individual still left on this earth. The Christ-conscious know that there is nothing that can be done that will harm his/her entity. Even the loss of life is not bad, for we simply move from our form into our ethereal form on the Other Side. Harming the body is harming the illusion of a body, in my opinion. So nothing has really been done to us at all.

Love does overcome all barriers to its complete and total experience by any one of us. Love is not said by Jesus to “conquer,” though, for we are not in a war. We are gently and peaceably led by the hand to a new reality, our true reality, in which Love (with a capital “L”) is all that we will experience. Nobody’s “evil” deeds can touch us here in this new reality.

Dear God,

Help me to be afraid of nobody. I would still protect myself by not walking down dark pathways at night. But I would not obsess about it. I would know that no hand can touch me that You have not allowed to touch. You know best, and one of the things that You know best is that fear and judgment are not a part of Your world.

Thank You for guiding me, ever so gently, to a peaceful, mellow day. A glimpse of a better world. Such has been my experience today. And I much appreciate the truth of what You have shown me today.


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