Holding All within the Heart of Love

“Thus holding the loveless self within the spacious Self of love is the answer to the question of evil and the final lifting of the last veils of fear.

“The same is true of all you would fear, such as the suffering self. A suffering self, held within the spacious Self, exists in harmony with the spacious Self. Attempts to eject the self of suffering from the spacious Self create disharmony. It is only by this holding within that the loveless self and the suffering self are rendered ineffective. It is only in this way that you realize that all exist within. It is only in this way that you become completely fearless and totally spacious, for fear is part of the density of form, being a lack of love.” (ACOL, D:Day13.6 – Day13.7)

Jesus here gives us an answer to suffering; we hold it with the self of love. When we hold the suffering self within the self of love, in the heart of love, the suffering self is rendered ineffective. Pain may continue to exist, but we never –never—have to escalate our pain into suffering. It takes great patience and much understanding to effect this ideal, but it is within the power of all of us. Pain may become severe, but most often it is the emotional component of “Why me?” that lands us squarely into suffering. There is no answer on this earth to the problem of “Why me?” Our limited mind and heart cannot fathom an answer that would make sense. But of one thing we can be certain: Any interpretation that we give to suffering that makes of God something less than loving is a false concept.

The loveless self, a self that includes ourselves part of the time, as well as our brothers and sisters, needs only to be encompassed by a holding within. Jesus calls this self within, the “spacious” Self. It is a Self who is big enough to encompass good and bad, right and wrong, and all things in between. This spacious Self is our real inner Christ-Self coming into all its glory. When we know that anything bad can be rendered ineffective by a “holding within,” then we have no reason to indulge in fruitless worry and abject fears anymore. The same for judgment, also forbidden by A Course of Love. We are big enough to embrace the whole of reality—true reality. And this true reality is always loving, and, indeed, Love itself. In true reality we are embraced by a warmth that is not of this world. And everything we face easily becomes easier to face and harmless in its outcome.

Dear God,

I would grow so large today that all of my worries, fears, judgments, would be subsumed in the glory that Jesus wishes for me. For all of us. This is my spacious Self, newly born on earth, as I move ever closer to an elevated Self. In my physical form, I can fear many things, but my elevated form fears nothing. And that, dear God, is where I am heading.

Thank You for being with me so closely these days. I sense Your warmth. You invite my larger Self to inform the ideas I have in my head. May my heart warm so much that Your warmth never leaves me.



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