May Our Interior Be Healed

“The spacious Self realizes that the outer world is a projection and most often a rejection rather than an extension of what is within. Thus, sickness is a rejection of feelings. All that causes fear is rejection of feelings. All that causes loneliness is rejection of feelings. All that causes violence is rejection of feelings.

“What is ejected from the self becomes separate and in the separation willfully forgotten. The spacious Self no longer ejects or forgets because all feelings are accepted as those of the One Self.” (ACOL, D:Day14.2 – Day14.3)

Rejecting our feelings gets us in bad trouble, bad trouble indeed. Why do we reject feelings? Because they are uncomfortable, some of them. It is those uncomfortable feelings that we reject—feelings that lead to sickness, fear, loneliness.

We need to be gentler with ourselves. We need to embrace bad feelings as soon as they come up, just embrace and wrap our spacious Self around them. When we embrace, we love, don’t we? And it is love that is the healing Force.

Our outer world, in this quotation, is seen as a projection, and, as Jesus says, often a rejection rather than an extension of what we have found within. The part about the world being a projection is right along the same lines as words found in A Course in Miracles. But when we have looked on our outer projection of the world, and been displeased, we need to realize that we don’t like what we are seeing within. And actually becoming aware of what we don’t like within is a great blessing. By seeing it, we can open these interior parts to healing from God. The subconscious is thereby systematically healed, and this is what it takes to be ready for Christ-consciousness, Awakening, enlightenment.

We are getting beyond separating ourselves from what we don’t like from our interior. Our spacious Self accepts—exactly what Jesus has bade us do in recent quotations. This acceptance doesn’t mean that we are pleased with what we have found on the inside of ourselves. But this acceptance does mean that we don’t try to separate ourselves from it, thereby making a new ego.

We are no longer living in separation, and this new place that we occupy is holy. We are living in a shared unity with our Self and this a Self Whom we share with others. Our brothers and sisters. Let us offer them today the best that we have in us, as we seek to embrace, in us, all that we have previously rejected as uncomfortable feelings.

Dear God,

Let my interior rise to the surface, that it might be healed. This is a fervent prayer, the prayer I pray today. I would see my subconscious cleansed of all fearfulness and all judgment. This is not hard to see happen; it is hanging on to the uncomfortable feelings that is hard, very hard.

I will take care of the quantity in writing; You take care of the quality. A writer’s prayer, recited often by Julia Cameron. And recited today by me.



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